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Dream Job?

Hey guys,

Since most people change their dream job whilst growing up, it is quite a realisation when looking back at what you wanted to become when you were 5 compared to now.

I first wanted to be a hairdresser, then an astronaut, then a copper, at one point it was an artist but now I hope to be a Spokesperson for the LGBTIQ+ community and help those in the community struggling with mental health.


What have your dream jobs turned into?


Re: Dream Job?

Hey @MidnightMoments I love this topic! Its so awesome to look back and think about what you wanted to be as a kidSmiley Happy


I reckon you would make an amazing spokespersonSmiley Happy 


I first wanted to be a singer and then a writer of fiction books and then a teacher when I was little. Now I want to hopefully work with people with anxiety and depression. 


Re: Dream Job?

This is a good question as it's been something that has been on my mind lately! 

I wanted to be hairdresser but then I realised I'm not good at doing my own hair let alone someone elses! 

Then it was a Florist which I still like the idea of but its such a crazy industry to work in and the training is expensive (you have to buy all your own flowers which cost heaps) so I had to let that one go.

Then for a brief moment it was a Vet but I don't have the brains for it and it's super competitive to get into. I admire people who can study to be one but it's so not my thing and I always hear how stressful it is from people who are studying it.

Then in my final year of high school I was looking at TAFE courses and it was a tie between admin and childcare but after doing work experience in an admin environment I went that route (I completed my cert 3 in business). I really wanted to work in local government and for 6 months I did what was my 'dream job' but I couldn't handle the stress and was on the verge of a breakdown. I think maybe if the workplace wasn't a 45 minute drive away and I was working 3 full days instead of half days (I can only work part time due to anxiety) I would've been fine. But life is all about what-ifs and I am glad I made the decision to leave when I did.

It's since been 1.5 years since that job and though I get interviews in the admin field I can't seem to land a job, so I am looking into some other options. I am a YA for ReachOut and have been one for almost 3 years and love doing it, so I am now looking into getting my Cert.4 in Mental Health so I can work in that field. I have anxiety so any job I do needs to be part time and while admin is a safe option in that respect, I'm just not getting work so maybe it's time to branch out and do something completely different. So my dream practical job is something in the not for profit mental health field helping people, but I won't say no to an admin job either Smiley Happy

I do love writing and have been blogging since I was 15 and in the past year I've had a few articles published on The Mighty so my non practical dream job is to be a writer and potentially publish a novel or two Smiley Happy 

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: Dream Job?

Thanks for sharing @ErinsAntics Wow your writing sounds incredible Smiley Happy What is it you love most about writing? I think it's pretty darn awesome you want to enter into the mental health field, you sound exceptionally compassionate.  Heart

Re: Dream Job?

Thanks @Bree-RO Smiley Happy

I honestly don't know, I've always been a big reader (since I was about 10) which helps and even before then I loved writing my own stories. I love being able to put part of me down on the page and share my story with people. My life has never been easy (Dyspraxia and I was diagnosed with anxiety when I was 12 which is linked to Dyspraxia) and its therapeutic for me to write things down and having a blog makes me write (I try to write once a week but never force myself too otherwise its becomes a chore).

The most recent article I wrote for The Mighty was really hard for me write (it was about the lies my anxiety tells me at night) and I was super hesitant to submit it but I did and it's been the most popular article I have written with over 1000 views and was even shared on their Facebook page. I felt like I was pouring out my soul on the page and exposing myself to the world sharing things that only my psych knew but it paid off. 

I've only recently started seriously thinking about getting into the mental health field, but being a YA for ReachOut has given me the push to start thinking about it and having anxiety means that I have personal experience too Smiley Happy

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: Dream Job?

Love this thread, thanks for starting it up @MidnightMoments!


I didn't go through many dream jobs, I initially wanted to be a teacher when I was younger. However, in the final years of high school, I was diagnosed with depression due to being bullied by my friends. From this, I'm now working towards being a rehabilitation counsellor because I want to be able to help others and let them know they can get through it. I've always been passionate in wanting to help others, but I couldn't be a nurse or doctor because I hate blood. 

Re: Dream Job?

In high school I want to become a chemical engineer. Then mental illness hit and I nearly failed grade 12 chemistry. When I left school I had no plans. My job network agency got me into age care but it wasn't exactly my thing. I want to help people so I studied community service. Now I'm at uni studying psychology hoping to become a psychologist.
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Re: Dream Job?

I left school quite early, kind of my decision, kind of not and I didn't really know what I wanted to do. I started a sparky apprenticeship but after a few years it kind of feel through, I found it really really hard too. Then I did casual work in a cafe until I found myself in a landscaping and construction apprenticeship. I'm working towards my own business my dream job is having that fully up and running when I'm qualfied, I do a bit but yeah can only do so much at this stage
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Re: Dream Job?

This is great thread idea. I wanted to be so many things growing up...

I wanted to be a princess, a artist, a dancer, a chef and in highschool I was determined in becoming a journalist. Unfortunately, all it took was one crappy English teacher to say I was not good enough and then that flew out the window. I was kind of lost until I started studying psych in highschool, and then I wanted to study something either forensic science related or psych. Which leads me to now, where I am studying Criminology and psychological science. And hope to be a child psychologist or a forensic psychologist. 

Re: Dream Job?

@KarinaskiiI love the idea of studying forensics but don't think I have the stomach for it! I love the tv show Bones but there's no way it's even remotely like that haha. 

It's funny I find when I am binging certain shows I randomly decide that I could totally be a doctor (Scrubs and Saving Hope), Lawyer (Suites), paper sales person (The Office - US), ballet dancer (Dance Academy), government parks employee (Parks and Rec), detective (Brooklyn Nine Nine), forensics worker (Bones) ... you get the idea! Of course the jobs aren't going to be like what they are shown on tv and theres no way I could do them, but its just where my minds goes. I will say that after working as an admin worker I can totally related to Pam on The Office and they nailed the general office vibe though my boss wasn't Michael Scott in the slightest. 

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!