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Driving test



I have my driving test upcoming for my p’s and I am very anxious and worried that I’m not good enough and that I won’t pass it


How can I get rid of my anxiety and worry around doing my driving test?

Re: Driving test

Hey @JonoG, that is super super exciting that you're coming up to receiving your license! It opens up a new world of freedom and independence! Are you looking forward to the new chapter in your life Smiley Happy?

I'm sorry you're feeling worried towards your test, I can completely understand that feeling, I know when I went for mine I had the extreme sweats for the entire test Smiley LOL but I now understand why! It is a major step in your life and being judged on it can often be quite scary and confronting, but every single person goes through the same rollercoaster of emotions. Have you been doing lots of practice or have you had any driving lessons that could help with the nerves on the driving side of things? 

Re: Driving test

@JonoG it's awesome that you are going for your test, and nerves are understandable here. Nonetheless, nerves can be tricky and dominate our headspace. Maybe mindfulness would help on the day? Deep breathing, noting something you can hear or see and doing some light exercise can help get you out of your head. Let us know if you'd like to brainstorm some more Smiley Happy

Re: Driving test

Hi @JonoG! I want to give you some practical advice Smiley Happy My advice would be to go driving with a friend or someone you don't usually drive with and is chill before your test (someone who did the test recently but is obviously on their full licence helps) Smiley Happy For me this was a friend who gave me some interesting but simple tips and could basically assess my skills on the spot and tell me that I should be fine while correcting some last-minute things. I also got to the area quite early and grabbed a snack before my test because I find that having good blood sugar can help make you focus and you don't feel rushed.


In the actual test, I found that vocalising everything I was doing and repeating the instructions I was given really helped me to feel like I was performing well. For example, if they said turn left, I would say okay turning left now. Another thing that I was told to do is over-exaggerate your head movements. For example, if you need to check your blind spot before you take off from the kerb, turn your whole head rather than just your eyes! It helps the instructor see that you're doing the right thing Smiley Very Happy You're basically over-dramatising your driving to prove you can do everything you've been told you have to do, plus it makes you feel more confident in yourself that you can do it!


Finally, whether you pass or fail isn't a big deal. Oftentimes people make a very simple mistake like don't stop for long enough at a stop sign or accidentally go a bit too fast because they forgot the speed limit and unfortunately that's enough to mean they don't pass. But that doesn't mean you're a bad driver! I had a friend who had to sit her test six times because she kept making silly mistakes, but she still got it. Even if you don't get it, it's not the end of the world. Book your next test as soon as you get out of the building, you can do it! The joy of being able to drive alone to wherever you need to go and jamming to your own music along the way is worth the stress, I promise!


Good luck!

Re: Driving test

Hi @JonoG , I definitely know the feeling. On the lead up to my drivers test I felt extremely nervous. For me I tried to rationalise the test. I thought to myself whats the worst that could happen, I could fail. Then I thought if I fail that's ok because I can take the test again. I know this may not calm nerves for everyone, but on the day this really helped me reduce the nerves. 


Hope it goes well, good luck Smiley Happy

Re: Driving test

Hey @JonoG


I also have my drive test coming up! I understand having anxiety around doing the drive test, it feels like a pretty big/imitating step. Things that have helped calm my nerves are going on practice drives in the area of the drive test and reading about the test criteria so I know what to expect on the day. My friend (who passed her drive test the other day) also reassured me when she said that the test goes super quick and her instructor was lovely!


One last thing that has helped me is to remind myself that it is ok to fail the test (many people do!) this has eased some of the pressure I was placing on myself.


I hope some of these tips help and good luck for your test! Hopefully we will both have our licenses soon Smiley Very Happy

Re: Driving test

Hi @JonoG, I hear you. Driving tests are one of the most nerve-wracking things ever. Would it be helpful for you to figure out what the worst case scenario could be, and how you can manage it? I haven't done my test yet, but for me the worst that could happen is I fail my test, just like millions of people have, but I can always take it again. Failing is so common that some driving schools I have looked at actually have discount packages if you plan to take the test twice! 

Re: Driving test

Hi @JonoG! Thanks for reaching out Smiley Happy


I completely understand where you're coming from, I was sweating bullets when I went for my test!


what everyone else has said is really helpful but I'll also offer some practical advice:


1. Go for an hour-ish drive before the test. Whether this is with your instructor or your parent/whoever you drive with, going for a quick drive before the test helps you get in the groove. Make sure to take a short break in between this drive and the test though so you're not fatigued.


2. Make sure you're in good condition before the test. Try to get a good sleep the night before, eat a good breakfast, practice some self care (e.g meditating). This will make sure you're feeling your best and can smash the test!


3. Blind spots!!! According to the instructor I had when on my learners permit, this is the #1 reason people fail. Make sure to check your blind spots before every turn, every lane change, and every manouevre (3 point turn, parallel park, kerbside stop.) make them really obvious too like @StormySeas17 mentioned. I've also heard that if you have long hair, putting it in a ponytail helps as it swings around and thus makes it obvious that you've turned your head.


4. Make sure to headcheck both to the left & right if you're the first car at an intersection. I didn't know this was a thing til like a week before the test Smiley Frustrated! it's important for safety reasons as someone could be running a red light from the side. like the blind spot checks, make these really obvious


5. If you fail, this doesn't mean you're a bad driver. this is the most important! there are heaps of annoying things that can happen that mean you fail the test. I failed my first time, but I passed my second with 96%. don't beat yourself up if you don't get it your first go, plenty of people don't and you will get them eventually!


let us know if there is anything else we can do to help Heart



Re: Driving test

Hey @JonoG 

Not sure if you did the test yet but I just wanted to say that I also get nervous! One thing my mum always told me was that before every drive, take a few slow deep breaths in and out Heart


Good luck on the test! And if you've already done it, I hope you went ok!

Re: Driving test

@JonoG hi there, hope you are travelling smoothly- just thought I'd check in like some others here and see how the test went if you have had it yet?