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Re: Driving test

@Hannah-ROi passed my hazards test awhile ago & i went for my driving test last week but i didnt pass because I couldn’t find a safe gap to change lanes in my 2nd stage of my drive test or it could also be because i was very nervous and really unsettled before my drive test,i remember before my driving test the testing officer was said “i looked very nervous and told me to just relax” now I’m planning to book my drive test again maybe in August or September maybe.


I just went for a drive with my mum and we usually go for 1 and a half hours but now we go for 2 hours & she was like asking what was the testing route,just go drive around there & also not really giving me instructions while i drive :/(she also asked me about the testing route after i did my driving test which i dont remember then i got critised for not paying attention during my driving test WTF) any ideas on what i should do? 

Re: Driving test

Congratulations on passing your hazards test @Love_elmo77 ! I found the HPT very hard and I am sure I got the maximum amount of questions wrong that you're allowed to get wrong while still passing Smiley LOL Go you for passing and ticking it off! 

Sorry to hear about your driving test - good on you for giving it a go, and seriously EVERYONE I know failed at least once. My driving instructor always says changing lanes is the hardest part of driving and it stresses me out heaps - I can really imagine being in your position and not finding a safe gap, did they give you any tips on knowing when a gap is safe? Or any pointers for next time?

I love how people say "Relax" and it's like "oh wow ok thanks so much now I'm magically relaxed" as if it's not a stressful situation!

Ah that is really tough that you're having that experience learning with your mum - I honestly don't think I could remember the route of the test at all either so don't feel bad for not remembering! Have you been able to catch up with your driving instructor yet about how the test went? Could they maybe have a chat to your mum about how to help someone prepare for the test?

I had 3 lessons in the 2 weeks leading right up to the test and did things like driving in and out of the testing centre to prepare, and I think that was the only reason I passed, could you book a lesson or two right before your next test?

Re: Driving test

@Hannah-RO yes i did get some feedback after driving back to VicRoads,the testing officer said to check my mirrors more especially driving out of the car park & also gave my driving instructor some feedback as well,the week of my drive test my mum wanted to talk to my driving instructor and she told my mum to concentrate on lane changing with me a little more.I took 1 driving lesson every week for like 4 weeks before my driving test around where my drive test was going to be to get familiar with the roads

Re: Driving test

That is awesome that you got some feedback @Love_elmo77. Hopefully you can focus on some of those things with your Mum or a driving instructor. Feeling nervous is honestly a normal part of it, even if you have practiced a lot. I remember I was so nervous about my driving test that I really couldn't imagine myself ever passing and having my license. Now I am a really confident, safe and responsible driver! Smiley Happy And I totally agree with Hannah-RO, most people I know have failed at least once!