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Re: Driving



I agree with most people here. I built up my confidence mainly by driving also challenging myself when I was confident with certain speeds, certain road conditons and certain roads. I still remember the first time I drove at 70kms and then the first few times I drove at 80kms. It was terrifying for me. I refused to drive after I had an instructor I didn't like and my Mum completely freaked out when I took her out driving. It was only a 5 min drive and I totally lost my confidence. 


Like Nath, I have had a few minor accidents, mainly with poles and fences. Smiley Tongue take things at your own pace. I was rushing. That's usually how my car met with inanimate objects. Every time I had an accident, I wouldn't drive for at least a week afterwards. I guess it's like when you learn to ride a bike or try something new that you want to do or need to do. 


With regards to going for your test, i reckon do it when you're ready. I went for my test when I was wasn't ready and I forgot to put my handbrake down! That was very embrassing to say the least cause I had to sit there for another 20 mins trying to drive and berating myself over that little mistake. 


All the best! 


Re: Driving

Hey @N1ghtW1ng, I've been driving for 6 years know and when I was learning I definitely could relate to your experience! It took me about 6 months to get the courage up to drive on busy roads and go above 30klm per hour. I eventually got comfortable with it though.. Perhaps too comfortable as I ended up getting my license suspended for speeding... Haha

But recently I've been having feelings of anxiety when driving and actually had a panic attack when driving on a highway... It's really not fun, I've been trying really hard to just keep driving though even just for a few minutes so I don't get out of the habit and don't avoid it too much, also driving with people you feel really comfortable can be helpful! But I just wanted to say that even though it can be really scary you can develop the skills to become a confident driver like I have on more than on occasion Smiley Happy

Re: Driving

heya @n1ghtwng
just checking in to see how your going?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**