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Eating problems

I’ve really developed a problem with eating over iso where I’m not finding a drive to eat. Most days if I’m not reminded to I won’t eat and when I do my food quickly looses flavour and all appeal. Is this a problem and is there anything I can do to help me want to eat more?

Re: Eating problems

Hey @Luker, there can be lots of reasons why you may have lost interest in eating. Some people may stop eating due to lack of motivation, feeling low or a lack of routine. To be sure though, I would recommend chatting to a GP or psychologist so you can explore this issue with them. Better to get some expert advice on this one to make sure that you get to the bottom of it! Smiley Happy Have you thought of setting yourself some alarms to remind yourself to eat? You could also try some new recipes or meals to try to appeal to your taste buds.

Re: Eating problems

Hey @Luker , thanks for sharing, I have found at times through iso I have been in the same position where I may forget to eat a meal. One thing that really helped me was living with other people who would remind me to eat. I also agree with what was said above, setting alarms has helped as well Smiley Happy 

Re: Eating problems

Hey Luker,


Firstly, please know that you are not alone. Many people have had their routines and eating patterns disrupted by isolation. I am sorry that you are struggling to find the drive to eat, especially if eating is something that you have enjoyed in the past. It's great you feel able to seek help. Seeing your GP may be really helpful if you feel you are losing your appetite & struggling to eat. You may find yourself starting to get very tired & drained if you are not getting sufficient nutrition so it is definitely important that you find something/someone to help you change things.


Are there any foods/meals that you used to really enjoy that you could re-create to try to get yourself to eat? Is it easier to have several smaller meals throughout the day rather than trying to have bigger "main meals"? Setting alarms may be useful to create reminders. Sometimes it can feel easier to drink nutrients rather than eat - if you feel this might be the case for you, maybe making/buying some nutritious drinks e.g. Up & Go drinks might help to add some extra nutrition without much "bulk". Would baking/cooking new recipes interest you? Is there someone that you could cook with or cook for to make it more interesting or more of a social thing? 


Sorry, lots of questions but more for you to think about - hopefully there is something there that might be useful for you. Take care. 

Re: Eating problems

Hi, @Luker have you tried exercising - like going for a jog or bike ride? I find that going to the gym boosts my appetite! 


If you have been loosing weight due to not eating as much - foods like peanut butter on toast is very calorie-rich and still a nutritious option. 

Re: Eating problems

@Luker hi there! Maybe cooking and growing your own food could help? Or meal prepping to minimise the effort involved with eating? Just some more ideas, there are some great ideas already!

Re: Eating problems

Hey @Luker 


It's been a while, but I hope you are doing okay! 

How are you feeling about eating these days? I'm really proud of you for reaching out and asking on the forums here to make sure of your own health. 

I can see that you're confused about why your motivation for eating is down lately, but also that you are actively trying to seek out a reason. Have you seen a professional psychologist or GP?


Let us know how you're doing when you can Heart