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Everyone knows a Gaston

So today, I read something on the interwebs that I thought was interesting. It goes along with the bullying theme we have going here at ReachOut.




Basically, I want to know how many of you actually picked up on this and how many people are amazed at it, like me. Are there any other kids movies that explore bullying that you can think of? I am genuinely intrigued.  

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Re: Everyone knows a Gaston

@stonepixie wow... Very confronting. Very accurate. It's funny as a kid he actually frightened me so so much hahaha.

Re: Everyone knows a Gaston

@stonepixie You know, I'm not surprised. I experience that a lot and the fact that people acknowledge that it's a real thing, makes me happy. Because no one deserves to be ignored because they're "different".

Re: Everyone knows a Gaston

@stonepixie I definitely never thought about it that way, Mind you I think I've only seen the moving once.

Thanks for sharing .Smiley Happy

Re: Everyone knows a Gaston

this is very entertaining..

Re: Everyone knows a Gaston

Very thought provoking @stonepixie! I'm definitely going to give some thought to this concept in other films/TV, and in every day life! 

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Re: Everyone knows a Gaston

As an avid disney lover and as someone who finds bullying absolutely awful, this has been so thought provoking!

Thank you @stonepixie!

P.S does anyone else find the Gaston song in Beauty and the Beast so addicting though?Smiley Tongue