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Re: Exam Stress

Teaching someone else is shown to be one of the best ways to remember a topic - if you can explain it to someone, then you understand it. My family have a sit down dinner every night, so I take that as an opportunity to teach them what I learned that day. I also do this when studying for exams - I'll tell them about theories or experiments, and it helps them stick in my mind. It also gives me some idea of structure, so if we have an essay question,  well, I've already explained it orally. 


This probably is useless now, but I make sure to take good notes and pay attention throughout the year. I believe when exams come around, you shouldn't be learning new things. I organise my notes so that any particular theory/research has a red star next to it, and anything that is hinted at being on the exam has a green star. Also, sometimes teachers will EXPLICITLY state something will be an exam, so I pay careful attention to that, and devote a little extra study.


Last semester I had one lecturer who straight up said, "anything in bold on the slides will be on the exam." And usually if someone repeats themselves during a lecture - that's exam content!! Unit guides also will say what you should expect - whether readings, tutorials, etc, will be in there. So if readings aren't examinable, you don't have to waste hours reading something.