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Exercise Bands?


(guys this is a weird question so don't laugh) Do you guys use booty bands for maintaining your booty? I was wondering Am I the only one who has a flat butt and using these bands for making butts slightly bigger?

Re: Exercise Bands?

Hi @sophiaj990 and welcome to ReachOut Smiley Happy

Just letting you know I removed the link as it is against our guidelines to post links to external websites. As this is a mental health forum, we're probably not the best place to ask this question. Do you know of any good exercise forums?

Re: Exercise Bands?

Squats and different variations of single leg lunges @sophiaj990

Re: Exercise Bands?

Hey @sophiaj990, we won't laugh. There's no judgement on these forums. Smiley Happy

I can't say I have used anything like that. As @N1ghtW1ng suggested, you might have better luck on a forum about physical health or exercise. Sorry I couldn't offer you anything more specific!

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