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Exercising- what should I do?

Hi, hope you’re all good! I’m posting this to ask for some suggestions. 

I really need to do some exercise, however I am definitely not a sporty person so I don’t really know how I should exercise. I’ve tried most sports and I don’t like them, I can’t afford a gym membership and I don’t feel confident/safe going for walks in my area. Does anyone know what I should do? Thanks so much!


Re: Exercising- what should I do?

Hi @CMC02!
That's a really good question!
I like to skip! Would skipping be an option for you? I just usually take my skipping rope and do it in my backyard and it's really good exercise. I get so sweaty!

Re: Exercising- what should I do?

@CMC02 hey! Exercise is so important for our mental health and I have been trying to find fun ways to be active. I know that the premiers active april challenge is coming up and you can get a bunch of free coupons and discounts to gyms/recreation centres and adventure courses. It is a fun initiative to get people active and it is free. Would you be interested in googling it? It could be good. 


Some things I am going to do are:

- clean and wash my car

- gardening

- clean the house

- bike ride

- fitness class

- window shopping

- swimming 

- trees adventure course

- fun runs


Do any of these sound appealing? I hope this helps Smiley Happy 


Re: Exercising- what should I do?

Hi @CMC02! It can be really difficult starting an exercise routine. I am also not a sporty person, but I find that exercising helps keep my muscles from getting sore and helped me get better after an injury. I think it is best to start off with small steps and easier exercises first.

There are lots of YouTube videos, online tutorials and apps that can give you exercise suggestions that you can carry out in the comfort of your own home. A lot of them are free. You could also try some apps and games that make exercising fun. There are lots of suggestions if you look them up online. It can also be fun to make a list of exercises and tick them off as you do them.

Good luck achieving your exercise goals! Smiley Happy


Re: Exercising- what should I do?

@CMC02 Theres a heap of yoga tutorials on youtube that you could try. You wouldn't need to leave your house to try them out and can work to your own level!


Re: Exercising- what should I do?

Hey @CMC02!

How is the exercise going? Great your wanting to exercise, I’ve found it really helps with my anxiety levels!

Something I really like doing is finding an excise video on YouTube and exercising in my room. There are so many out there with different kinds of classes. You can find yoga, pilates, barre, aerobics, HIT classes, so many things!!

Hope this helps

Re: Exercising- what should I do?

Hey!!! As a majority of girls, I decided to lose weight and don't know where to start. One of my relatives is a fitness trainer and he said that I should change my whole routine. He gave me a present and a letter. I open the present and see their fruit, green tea, and some protein shakes. He wrote that I should start with my diet.


Re: Exercising- what should I do?

Hey @Shack123


Great you are looking at improving your fitness! Keep the focus on being healthy and strong, don’t focus to much on the weight part, you’re perfect just the way you are!! 


What a nice gift from your relative! 


I think i posted this in the thread above, but something I love do is watching fitness videos on YouTube and doing the routine in my room. This way you can mix the exercises up and don’t get bored! 


In terms of diet you could try downloading a healthy food app. I like “deliciously Ella”, all her recipes are vegan which works well for me because I’m a vegetarian. I’ve heard   “Jessica Sepiel” has some great ones too.


Keep trying different things and find something that works for you and makes you feel good!


Keep me posted with how you go!   


Re: Exercising- what should I do?

Load app home workout from playmarket or appstore n go by trains.  U just need to force urself everyday