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Existential crisis



I’m having an Existential Crisis and I’ve got Existential Anxiety and Existential OCD and Existential Depression at the moment because I really want to know if Physical Reincarnation is possible or not and I’m anxious and depressed that Physical Reincarnation may not be possible


How can I overcome my Existential Anxiety, Existential OCD, Existential Depression about the possibility Physical Reincarnation?


And how can I overcome my Existential Crisis?

Re: Existential crisis

Hi @JonoG, this sounds like a difficult thing to be experiencing, and I'm really sorry you're going through this. Heart


There are many different beliefs about human existence, and it can be really challenging to find one which you identify with. Whilst I don't have the answer, I can relate to what you're experiencing with my own journey, having doubts about my purpose in this world. I still struggle with these questions sometimes, but I have found my peace in my Christian identity. I hope that you can find peace in your own journey.


Do you have any professionals that you can speak to about some strategies which you can use to deal with some of these challenging thoughts and feelings? Heart

Re: Existential crisis

Hey @JonoG 


Thank you for opening up about what you're experiencing Heart Physical reincarnation and questions of existence are big issues that humankind have always grappled with. To ask these questions and theorise is part of what makes us human! In saying this, I can sense that these questions are causing you a lot of anxiety and are probably quite exhausting for you to think about so often. If any topic is causing us anxiety we should take a step back and consider what we can do to maintain our mental health. 


There are many theories that you could delve in to answer the questions you have. However, what I think is really important is your well being. What kinds of strategies have you tried in the past to manage anxiety (if any)? Have you spoken to anyone about how these questions are making you feel? 

Re: Existential crisis

Yes I have spoken to people

Re: Existential crisis

Yes I have spoken to some professionals

Re: Existential crisis

Hey @JonoG, thank you for sharing. From my experience, thinking about existence and life can feel overwhelming and bring up lots of questions and uncertainty. How are you going at the moment? And how did you find talking about your thoughts and feelings with others?