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Expectations in a relationship.

Sports is a great way to make some friends and have a friendship group.


It's gives me a sense of purpose, belonging and commitment.


It's important to celebrate, bond and have fun.  As well as appreciate and lookout for each other.


But I think I watch way too many movies in that I have expectations that a climax (an overwhelmingly exiciting event ) will happen along the timeline of a relationship.


Usually IRL it's a celebration or a trip.haha.


I don't know why I think this. I reckon it's just the way films are structured in the adventure genre.( In case and point Lord the rings)


Problem > relationship forms > rising action > climax > resolution.


When I'm at the beach or pool just relaxing. I tell myself it's ok to just be and not think about the future and not value some external form of recognition for the moment.


When I'm with friends or peers physically I have this overstimulating feeling of excitement. I feel like have to put a lot of energy Into it. Sometimes obliged to entertain.


I do act playful.


In the semester we are studying or participating in something ( either studying or participating in sport.) 


But after that sociallising has another form of energy. It's a sudden switch.


Can someone explain to me what experience am I going through when I make that switch ?



Re: Expectations in a relationship.

Hey @BunnyWalks expectations can be a really tough thing to manage.


I'm just wondering if you can elaborate a bit on the switch you're talking about?

Do you mean the switch in energy between if you're relaxing by yourself and if you're socialising? Smiley Happy 

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Expectations in a relationship.

Hi @letitgo,

Yeah it's like you need a creative muscle for socialising. It's like intense focus on task and then you have to be more outward.

You need to speak , smile entertain and listen.



Re: Expectations in a relationship.

Hi @BunnyWalks! I can relate. Socialising does not come as easy to me as schoolwork and my hobbies. I used to feel like I had to put on a mask and 'act' when talking to people, but I found that I can be myself and be appreciated for it when I'm with really good friends.