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Experiences with leaving an online community

Yo yo, so this is pretty embarrassing, but I’ve been an on and off lurker/poster on RO for a long time and am almost a zillion and one years old. Basically, this:



I’m just about at the point where I’m too old to stick around much longer, but it’s kinda tough to think about leaving because RO and the community has been part of my life for a pretty long time. RO is an awesome community thanks to the community managers, the mods, and the regular members/posters and future bobs.


I know it seems like a really obvious easy thing to just stop logging in and go do something else, but I’m not really sure what I’m going to do when I leave. I guess I’m not sure what I’ll do when I just want to have a chat, or share something positive/fun, or when I’m feeling lonely, or when my thoughts/feelings get too intense and I want some help to get through them, or any time I just want to feel part of a community. As you guys know, RO is the best place for all of that Smiley Wink I'm not really keen on sussing out anywhere else so I guess I'm kind of done with that.


So what I’d like to know, is if anyone has any tips about leaving communities, or stories they’d like to share about times they’ve had to leave an awesome group of people. Or feel free to just post a photo of a hovering dog because it’s legit the best thing ever Smiley Very Happy




Re: Experiences with leaving an online community

Can I just say @Bay52VU, when you decide to move on we are going to miss you so much here on RO. You're so important to this community, a huge support for everyone on these forums. I think it's pretty natural that you'll feel that gap as much as we will.


Can I ask whether there are other forums or boards you spend your time on, apart from RO?

Re: Experiences with leaving an online community

Thanks @Kaz-RO.


Nope I'm not an active member on any other forums/boards. There's one I occasionally check for new posts out of habit but it's not very active in general.


Re: Experiences with leaving an online community

Is that something you'd like - to find other forums where you can feel at home @Bay52VU?

Re: Experiences with leaving an online community

It would make it an easier transition between having RO for community/support vs nothing, but I don't really have the mental energy to sus out other forums or any of that. It might just be better to accept it as an end of an era and move on.


Also this threads needs more hoverdogs.



Re: Experiences with leaving an online community


Re: Experiences with leaving an online community

Aw @Bay52VU, I have to say it won't be the same without you here (though obviously you've gotta do what you've gotta do). I've often wondered how old you are because there's always so much maturity and insight that comes through in your posts.


I can't say I'm personally an active member on them but I do know that Beyondblue have online forums which are open to Australians of any age. Maybe have a peek around there and see if you like the feel of the place? (Edit: just saw that you said you're not really feeling up to checking out other communities right now. I'll leave the link here though in case that changes, or other people are reading this and are wondering what other supports are out there Smiley Happy)


Also obligatory hover dog image:


images (14).jpg

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Experiences with leaving an online community

@Bay52VU it's going to suck when you do eventually move on, I will miss you.  And yeah, everything has a time and we can't stick around forever. However it's not like i am going to swing the banhammer the moment you turn 26! It is 100% okay to transition out if that's what you want/need to do, i fully support that. So how much time do you need?


I think communities of circumstance seem to meet a need for you that has been hard to meet in another way. There are other communities out there though, and they will be different, but will meet those needs over time. Do you feel like you don't want to try another community because it just won't be the same? What's the barrier for you?  Is it time to try something offline?


As other people have said already, you GIVE a lot, pehaps more than you get. You have made a huge and positive difference to a bunch of people on here and maybe even saved a life or two. So I kind of hope you still use those skills somewhere because there's a lot of people out there who need what you have to give.




Re: Experiences with leaving an online community

I wish I could've just said zero transition time needed, but you'd be better off banning me @Ben-RO.

Re: Experiences with leaving an online community

Heh, not gonna happen. We'll just have to figure this out the old-fashioned, gentle but hard to do way Smiley Tongue