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Well done everyone!

@ecla34 Lol!


Taking advantage of it still being Friday (just Smiley Tongue) to pass around some Friday Fives!! Heart Smiley Very Happy

Some lovely soul included a link to unicorn gifs so that's the theme we're going with Smiley LOL


Firstly to @xXLexi_Lou122Xx, a double nomination! Firstly for making it to the end of the school term. Even though there are some nasty rumours going around about you, you kept going. Even when you wanted to give up. Keep going Lexi! Secondly a huge hive five for being proud of not only yourself for getting through the big week of camp, but for being proud of the rest of the community! We're proud of you too Lexi_Lou! Heart

unicorn GIF by Ice Breakers


For @Sunflower18 for bravely sharing your recent experience of losing your dad to support another member whose family members are experiencing cancer. It is not easy to share an experience so near to your heart, and so soon after losing someone. Your willingness to support another person on a similar journey is so beautiful- if I could nominate you for 10 Friday Fives for this post, I would! Heart Heart  Heart  Heart  Heart  

black and white unicorn GIF


To @lokifish for making this fun wiggles themed introduce yourself thread for July! Gives us all the feels! Smiley Very Happy 

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Lastly to @Tiny_leaf a massive high five for trying to learn new coping mechanisms to deal with really painful flashbacks Heart What you shared in the Unread Letters thread is really powerful and we're sending lots of hugs your way xx

horse unicorn GIF


As always, if you see someone on the forums doing something amazing, please nominate them for a Friday Five here! 


(spoiler alert: most of the unicorn gifs out there involve pooping rainbows, what gives internet? Smiley LOL)

We had a live chat on Accessing Mental Health Support Online! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart


Thank you @ecla34.

Also @xXLexi_Lou122Xx was the unicorn link your doing by any chance? Smiley Tongue


I shall not admit to anything... Smiley Wink

Thank you, and congrats to everyone else!


As we're headed into Friday evening and transitioning into the weekend, it's time for some Friday Fives to celebrate the sheer awesomeness we see here on RO Heart
You guys rock!


rocking out rock star GIF


In honour of it being 50 years since the moon landing, we're going with a space theme this week!


So first a huge Friday Five to @queenP! Heart  for this absolutely incredible post in the Special Discussion on Sexuality! While this is a belated feedback five, your post was so incredible in the way you shared your experience of exploring sexuality, how that journey changed over time, and the different types of attraction that you explored to understand what was important to you in a relationship. Here's one of our fave quotes: "No one gives you a rulebook when it comes to understanding sexual attraction, and is often more gray than black and white. While sexuality is something that just eventually feels right, it is completely okay to experiment with different identities and sexualities until you find the version of yourself that feels the most authentic." Such a legend! 


space floating GIF by Tomas Brunsdon


Next a big Friday Five to @Tiny_leaf ! Smiley Very Happy xx For your incredible support to so many members this week! You may notice that there's not a link to a particular post here, and that's because there's so many examples! Your compassion and insight blow us away so often, and you've got such a beautiful way with words that conveys a lot of caring and understanding Heart 


space GIF


Next to @xXLexi_Lou122Xx for recognising who their supports are, especially when they felt sad during an important time at school. Heart Rooting for you always Heart


space astronaut GIF by Alberto Pozo


To @ecla34 (lol) for leading the discussion on stress about the future! (thank you Smiley Happy Heart)


kawaii night time GIF by Stefanie Shank

I'm going to tag everyone who was invo
lved in that GR on Future Stress for a huge Friday Five! It's been a really insightful and reflective one (it's still going here btw if anyone's keen!), i especially loved @MisoBear 's response here and @WheresMySquishy 's response here. Words to live by and such honest reflections Heart

@scared01 @MisoBear @Tiny_leaf @xXLexi_Lou122Xx @Esperanza67 @not-an-otter @WheresMySquishy @ErinsAntics @Bee @Ladybug @May_ @recharging_introvert @lr8991 @Brendos94 @Jess1-RO 


space GIF by Aurelie Pollet


If during the weekend and next week you see someone doing something that you think deserves a Friday Five, please nominate them here!

Until then, please enjoy the fact that people have been walking on the moon for 50 YEARS! What even guys! Smiley LOL

Totally brings a new definition to moon-walking


Discovery Europe nasa discovery discovery channel moonwalk GIF


(less groovy tbh Smiley Tongue Smiley Wink )

We had a live chat on Accessing Mental Health Support Online! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart


Hi all, I'm back for Friday Fives Smiley Very Happy With a lego theme because Lego is awesome

Image result for lego gifs everything is awesome


@MisoBear  For being super encouraging and validating. 

Related image


@WheresMySquishy  Using their own experiences and empathy to offer advice to another user going through something similar, a really thoughtful and compassionate exchange of support


@not-an-otter  A really beautiful response to another user, validating their experiences and providing support in their struggles with finding appropriate help


Our guests @KaiRoe  and @Olivia_QLDchildrensHospitalFor so generously giving your time and insights during the Gender live chat!


@WheresMySquishy @Hozzles @ecla34 @recharging_introvert @Tiny_leaf  For jumping online to participate in the Gender Live Chat! Your insights and reflections were amazing and really made the conversation so valuable!


If during the weekend and next week you see someone doing something that you think deserves a Friday Five, please nominate them here! Heart

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Thanks so much @Bee! Smiley Happy


Thanks @Bee, that means a lot!

“Your now is not your forever."
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down


Guess what night of the week it is! Smiley Very Happy

Time to celebrate RO style with Nemo and Dory!



First up, @N1ghtW1ng for working up the courage to tell their parents that they graduated with a different degree, even though it disappointed them.



@xXLexi_Lou122Xx for writing a touching letter to themselves about not being so hard on themselves.



@Tiny_leaf for responding to a user in distress with a comprehensive list of ways to practise mindfulness. You gave so many wonderful examples of different methods depending on the nature of the flashback. The support provided came from a place of knowing. which is invaluable.



@Bananatime04 for this lovely, self-validating post. We are so proud of you for your determination and strength. You go girl!!



@Bre-RO for jumping right into the forums and providing some incredible support to others in your first week! It's great getting to know you!



@lr8991 for starting this wonderful thread to exchange tips for going back to school and uni.



Congrats to all of our winners this week! Remember, if you see an amazing post on the forums, you can nominate them for a Friday Five HERE! Heart


Thank you @mrmusic.
Congrats to everyone else!

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