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Herro Everyone Smiley Happy 


We didn't forget about Friday Fives, but Friday got away from us and I didn't get time to post them, so I am doing a double whammy this week! Enjoy!

(Ps. Apologies in advance for no gifs, haven't been able to tolerate looking at them this week, but I've found some punny puns for you to enjoy 😂 )



From last week we had:

@MB95 This beautiful reflection on the impact the forums have had in your life

Related image


@Eden1717 For the peer support, you have been offering others, and your courage to be open about your experiences in this post to support someone else

Image result for pun images


@Maddy-RO & @TOM-RO for being sharing their epic responses to multiple this or those scenarios! Read Answers from Maddy Here & TOM Here

@ayrc_1904 for sharing a bit of their story and creating a thread of supporting others AND yourself

More time for me to help you if you'd like ?


AND this week...

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx  An awesome new phrase thing for their posts!

Seal of Approval


@N1ghtW1ng An awesome post about school and expectations. School definitely is a small part of our lives, and we shouldn’t need to feel pressure from our superiors for it!

"Fangtastic Halloween Pun" by punnybone | Redbubble


@Tiny_leaf Emphasising self-care and providing distractions for a user going through a tough time. AND This amazing example of personal empowerment and self-efficacy in finding new ways to lead your mental health and wellbeing care, developing medical communication cards that are tailored to you! The incredible idea and one I know so many others could benefit from!


@MB95  for asking for help and being determined to find different methods to help them get the most out of therapy. Your courage through this is amazing to see. Heart AND this beautiful post thanking Bee for their work in creating the toolbox threads! Definitely living our compassion value with this post!

You're pearfect! #Hallmark #HallmarkNL #Valentijn #Valentine #liefde #love #kus #kiss #smak


@queenP demonstrating courage by letting us know what has been going on for them and asking for peer support. It is awesome to hear that throughout the challenges you've achieved a new job and progressing towards your career goals! We're so proud of you!

"Wing It Animal Pun" by punnybone | Redbubble


That's it for this week folks! ❤


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We reflected on the joys of 2019

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Thank you @Bee, congrats to everyone else!

// You are worth Something, not Nothing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise //


Thanks @Bee!! This is so beautiful and positive to read. I can't help but smile as I read it all. I think you deserve recognition for all your hard work on here too!! The support you provide everyone is just incredible. You seem like such a genuine, kind hearted and caring person that is able to touch peoples lives in such a positive way! And I know that sometimes during our chats it's like you don't even realise you're doing it. You have a heart of gold so don't ever change that! Keep up the amazing work because you are an inspiration and the type of person that can pull others away and out of their bullshit!! ❤


P.S. I LOVED the puns!!! They were berry punny 👌😂


Great job everyone. Has been so nice to see all of your wonderful, supportive posts!

“Your now is not your forever."
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down


Well done everyone! So amazing to see so many people nominated for Friday Fives last week!

Check out our community activities calendar here


Hola fabulous forums users Smiley Happy

We're back with some beautiful posts this week, and I thought some adorable bunnies were in order!

Enjoy Smiley Happy


@queenP this amazing post sharing their experience and providing some insightful advice to a user. it's awesome to see AND this incredible response to Bananatime about questioning sexuality! Your response was both insightful and compassionate- an awesome example of peer support!

@Alison5always willing to take the time out to truly listen, relate and respond with great depth, insight and advice. Her words and kindness are both motivating and inspiring to my own recovery. AND For this thorough and very supportive response!  We loved that you provided practical tips from your experience, demonstrating ways to cope with feeling lonely or isolated! The empathy in your reply is very powerful

@Bee  has been so welcoming to new members of RO by providing incredible support and encouraging the newbies to join in on other posts that have been created by members to help build supportive networks. Thanks Bee ?❤

(Aww massive hugs for whoever submitted this one! It really warms my heart! You're all incredibly welcome Heart )

@scared01 Encouraging others to connect and join in the important conversation of the highs and lows of the ho... It's not always a magical time for everyone so it is really important to have a space where we can connect and discuss such topics. Thanks for making us aware of the thread @scared01!!

@MB95 This great response to a member who has been going through a tough time. We loved the way you explored what was happening for this member, by asking questions and encouraging them to think about triggers. Role modelling brilliant peer support!



That's it for this week folks! ❤


See a post which you think is awesome, nominate them for a  Friday Five ?✨


We reflected on the joys of 2019

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


thanks @Bee I love bunnies they are so cute!
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**


Hola Folks! It's Friday again! And that means time for some Friday Fives Smiley Very Happy 


@Janine-RO for creating this amazing thread Xmas Memes and Gifs which has been a source of pure amazingness these past couple days!


@Bre-RO for sharing these magnificent photos in Bundjalung National Park after recent fires and relating the plants' regrowth to mental health -> "This reminds me that our earth is resilient and built to survive. It's also a nice metaphor for personal growth, following a period of tough times Heart "


@N1ghtW1ng for their amazing list of positives, love that you smash out a huge list of positives!


@xXLexi_Lou122Xx for this amazing compliment to 2 of our builders! 


@MB95 for sharing with us how they managed to overcome their fears and find some courage to give their psychologist a letter they wrote them. We're so proud of you!


Thanks for another fabulous week on the forums everyone Smiley Happy 

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We reflected on the joys of 2019

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Awww @Bee thank you so much for recognising me - that is such a nice way to finish off the week. 


Well done everyone - we've had another week of incredible peer support Heart 


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Thank you @Bee!
Congrats to everyone else as well! Smiley Happy

// You are worth Something, not Nothing. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise //