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Awesome! Amazing stuff guys Smiley Happy


Hey everyone! Happy Friday!


We didn't have many submissions this week so I'm going to combine everyone into one post (including bobs and mods Smiley Very Happy). Keep those nominations coming!


First off, thank you to everyone. It's so lovely to see how supportive this community is, and how we all look out for each other :')


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First up, thanks to @xXLexi_Lou122Xx for solving the adventure game puzzles so far even though my clues were a bit misleading Smiley Tongue


Image result for captain marvel gif thank you


Thank you to @Tiny_leaf and @Eden1717 for being understanding and compassionate in heavy/tough conversations on the forums and also for supporting others


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Thanks to @Bingo1234 for giving awesome support to a user in a tough spot and to @A_Friend for offering lots of consistent support on this thread


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Thanks to @WheresMySquishy for creating a CUTE intro thread for February and to @ayrc_1904 for making this delightful thread that is becoming a favourite!


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Finally thank you to everyone who contributed to this thread tackling change @WheresMySquishy @hunginc @MB95 @November13 @Tay100 @Saltwaterdreamtime 


Image result for black panther gif thanks


Hope you're having an okay day everyone! Quick question: Who's your favourite superhero Smiley Tongue?


@Lost_Space_Explorer5 Nanananananananananananana Batman


Aw thank you @Lost_Space_Explorer5 !! 


Aww, thank you @lost_Space_Explorer5!
I don't have a favourite superhero, but I have a favourite villain! Definitely has to be Harley Quinn... Smiley Very Happy


Aww thank you @Lost_Space_Explorer5 


Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a great Friday so far Heart


Just wanted to quickly mention that things have been quite tough for some of our users lately as things are constantly changing. So it is soooo great to see all the support that users have been providing to each other. Keep up the awesome work!


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Firstly, I wanted to shout out several users for their involvement in the GR this week. Shout out to @WheresMySquishy , @hunginc , @Tiny_leaf , @Lost_Space_Explorer5@featuringme , @Hozzles , and @nixh  for their awesome comments. It was a great convo! 


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Next, I wanted to thank @Anzelmo for the positive and awesome thread that they made where users can share things that they like about themselves an others. What an awesome idea. 


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I also wanted to thank @tessy1824 for creating such a thoughtful thread where they checked in on our VIC users who went through another lockdown. Such a nice idea to check on these users Heart

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Lastly, a big shout out to @A_Friend for all the lovely support that they have given to users this week. Thank you for all the kind and thoughtful posts !

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That's all from me ! Hope everyone has an awesome and relaxing weekend!


@Sophia-RO thanks so much. Sending big hugs to everyone and thanks to everyone that got involved in the GR, I went through it after and it sounds like it was a great conversation.


It's time for FRIDAY FIVES!!


First off thank you to everyone who makes this community such a safe and supportive space Heart




Thank you to @Saltwaterdreamtimefor posting an inspiring goodbye message! Farewell and all the best! Smiley Happy


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Next, thank you to @hunginc for sharing their experience of uni with another user to help them know they aren't alone and for offering so much support in other places around the forum.

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Thank you to @WheresMySquishy for contributing so much to the AMAA: Change with Psychologist Rashida conversation Smiley Very Happy




Finally thank you and welcome to our new user @jk123 for making this amazing thread about our forum! Smiley Happy




Happy Friday everyone! Smiley Happy