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It's baaaaack! So Friday Fives is all about acknowledging our favourite posts of the week and are a weekly high-five to the members who posted them!


Thoughout the week, mods, mod squad and staff have been nominating their fav posts and then I've picked my favourite 5 out of their nominations.


So, this is about thanking YOU, our members and our regulars for creating such a strong community here and acknowledging that it's you who make this place special (and a place that over 13,000 people visit every month for help).


So, thanks!

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Friday Five for Friday 16th May


@Bee : We love that you consistently post in the negs to pos thread. You are making a big effort to see the positive side of some tough stuff so aweome job! Turnning negatives into positives


@Creativegirl12 Your generosity of spirit is amazing. Despite everything, you still have the energy to be a great support to others. Thanks for supporting others - comments like "Hope it gets better. Stay Strong. You can make it through." make a big difference. I bring out the worse in myself


@N1ghtW1ng We appreciate so much that you are always on top of it with the report button. We rely on you guys to let us know when something's been posted that is against guidelines. The sooner you tell us the sooner we can get rid of it. Thanks so being such a responsible community member!!


@redhead It's awesome to see new ideas pop up and we love the culinary creations thread that you started - and continue to contribute to! Sharing recipes is fun and awesome - and a great way to take control of your wellbeing, sharing meals can increase your connection to others and bring out your creative flair!! Culinary Creations


@stonepixie Whether you realise it or not, your "Dear optimistic me" letter is an awesome example of a community member stepping up and taking the lead to show how a (sometimes) negative thread should be used to boost your own wellbeing. I love to see community members identify their own strengths and optimism is one of yours. Optimism can be hard to come by so make sure you keep a hold of it and nuture it!!! Unread letters

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Yay! I missed these Smiley Happy


Yay it's back! I used to keep continually visiting the old thread to see if it'd been updated! Smiley Tongue

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Welcome back Friday Fives!! Smiley Very Happy


drrrrrrrrrrrum roll please.....


1. @redhead For posting in What are you proud of  "For getting help rather than acting on my unsafe thoughts". It takes a lot of strength to do that and by posting about it here you never know who you are inspiring to do the same. By sharing your strength you are bringing out the strength in others as well as reinforcing your own. We're proud of you too.


2. @ChocolateKitten This is one of our favourite posts of the week because you obviously have a big heart and want to help others but you are not afraid to say you need help too. That is one of the main philosophies here at - no one is 100% helper or 100% needing help. We are need help sometimes and the strength is in being able to admit it. Great that you go some great support in your post Feeling down all the time


3. @delicatedreamer We are also proud of you for having difficult conversations this week. It's too easy to avoid the conversations we don't want to have even when we know we should. So it is really inspireing to hear about you having the strength to face the convo you didn't want to have. What are you proud of?



4.@kate lovatic Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself as well as chatting to us about what's been on your mind. It's not easy when we realise a friend has values that conflict with our own and are based in discrimination and hate. It's great that you have come to chat to chat about it all with us here. Intros and How do you know...?


5. @N1ghtW1ng For checking in on a new user and making sure that they are ok - it's the little things like this that help people feel comfortable here and build the types of relationships that make a community. Being anonymous it can be hard to build those relationships so little acts of kindness like this really help. Nice one! Need to fee more involved.



Stay tuned for next week!



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@Creativegirl12 you sooo deserve to be on this list this week. Despirte struggling with feeling depressed you found the energy to find 3 positives and something that you are looking forward to. It is so impressive to see you take those steps and doing the small things you can to help yourself.For some people when they are depressed doing those trypes of activities can be so hard but can make such a massive difference because even if you don't feel it 100% at first, eventually your feelings will catch up with your words!! Well done yr an inpspiration!


@stonepixie we think you are just really inspiring - yr replying to members like an experienced mod! For example, this one: you have welcomed, acknowledged and appreciated their problem, and then linked to fact sheets in the flow of the conversation completely natural and not bombarding the member at all - amazing! Not only have you gone a long way in making a difference in that person's life, but anyone else reading who is going through something similar (and 14,000 people read these forums every month!) Creating a welcoming community means we'll have a strong community and a strong community = more young people helped. Thanks! We also loved that you are a GR regular. We need members like you soooooo much!


@Birdeye  thanks for coming along to GR on Monday (& all the other times!) - what would we do without you???? The thing about GR is that all we need is a couple of people to have the conversation then that info is up there forever! And thousands of people read the GR convos and get the info they need. So many young people tell us that they prefer to read in the info as part of a conversation by real people, rather than hear the info from a doctor or a factsheet. When someone's been through it, it offers real hope. Thanks!


@delicatedreamer not sure if you know this or not but you are the most high-fived member of all time!!! Five fives are an awesome way for other members to tell you that they can relate or that they appreciate what you've posted...

ENOUGH SAID!!!!! Smiley Happy


@Bee You are a close second!!! Wow! Also, we're proud of you too for pushing yourself despite your inner doubts - I'm sure that not only do you push yourself, but you challenge those negative thoughts at the same time!

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I love this thread. I want to high five the whole thread and everyone in it! Well done, everyone! Smiley Happy


@Sophie-RO Wow I didn't realise this with the high fives! Smiley Very Happy Cannot believe those numbers! Smiley Surprised Smiley Happy
Yes I'm always challenging (or trying) those negative thoughts, even subconsciously! Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Oh wow, thanks for the hi fives Sophie! Smiley Happy I definitely did not know I was the most hi fived member of all time that's amazing!! Smiley Very Happy Good job @Bee and @ruenhonx for having so many hi fives too Smiley Happy.

I agree with Sophie @Bee, you are so good at challenging negative thoughts on here - I could definitely take some tips from you in that department I think! Smiley Happy