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@delicatedreamer aw thanks. Smiley Happy Sometimes I feel like I'm not very good at challenging the negative thoughts, but to hear otherwise from someone else is something special Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


@Myvo, you're in my sights on the high-five count. Bwahaha Smiley Wink Smiley Very Happy  Smiley LOL Smiley Tongue


@Bee, it is always better to hear it off someone else. Smiley Happy 

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ


@stonepixie wrote:

@Bee, it is always better to hear it off someone else. Smiley Happy 

Totally!!! But what would it take to reassure ourselves!? The eternal question...

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It's that time again!

Our favourite posts of the week as nomindated by staff & mods....


@Jake You've been a member for a long time and we love it when you pop back in to let us know how things have been going for you. This post was filled with hope that you obviously want to share. It's amazing to see how far you've come and that you've been accepted into uni. We loved reading the way you have been able to bring positivity into your view of yourself and the world and we hope it's infectious.


@Ryuusei Thanks for letting us know how it went with your friend! All too often we never get to hear how things work out for people (which is totally undertstandable too by the way!) but it was really awesome to hear that things actually worked out pretty good for you and everyone could learn from the way that you challenged your own feelings of being 'silly' to realise that you actually learned quite a lot of this situation which is going to help you in the future... Thanks!


@lokifish Thanks for getting involved in the new Q&A! Your reply to the question about sleep contains some awesome ideas that we could all use. It's no wonder that over the time you've been a member of these forums you've been given nearly 800 high fives - yr answers are always solid!!


@Madame Even though you are going through a tough time, we've nominated your post as a favourite because of the way that you are able to ask for help and ask lots of questions. It actually takes a lot of strength to ask for help so we're proud of you for keeping on seeking help - even when things maybe didn't go as planned. We think yr stronger than you realise at the moment and more like the people that you look up than you realise.


@Bee Gee Bee you just keep getting nominated! (Coz you keep being awesome!) This time it's for your 5 qualities that you love about yrself - so great to see you participating in that activity and we've got to say, these are the things that we really admire about you too!! Smiley Happy

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Well done you guys. You're all very inspiring! Robot Very Happy


Congradulations to those who were nominated for the friday fives! Smiley Very Happy You all are awesome people and keep up the awesome work = you are here to shine! ;D


HELLO FRIDAY!! Here we go with the favourite posts of the week as voted by staff and mods....


1. @Doni99 : For all of your posts and new threads this week we salute YOU! They've been really proactive in starting a lot of interesting threads recently and also responding to other users in a really positive way. You are such a energetic personality around the forums and we can't help but join in with you. You are a genuine star!


2. @Hope_less : We know you are going through a tough time (to say the least) but your post here showed us that despite all that you are thinking positive and being so strong! That makes you a great role model to everyone reading out there. You never know who might read your post and be inspired by yr strength.


For this thread here we have two nominations for similar reasons. It's the 'what are you proud of?' thread and firstly we are proud of these guys for taking the time to use the thread to practice some positive psychology techniques and being proud of themselves for some hard work they have been doing. Acknowledging that each of them has broken their own record for not self harming and finding a different ways of coping with difficult emotions, so to

3. @Pris and

4. @redhead

welcome back and we are proud of you too!


5. @delicatedreamer for the way that you take the time to answer threads like '3 positives', 'what are you proud of?' etc every week. We reckon a lot of us could learn from the ways that you proactively look after your wellbeing by practicing these positive psych techniques. We could all benefit from being more like you! Aw..


ta da!!

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Thank you so much @Sophie-RO !

It's a honour to be part of the Friday Fives! Really, i was just being my self - telling and sharing stuff I know. My moral of the story to you guys is "to be your self - it wins it all!"

Thank you so much!


It's time for the FRIDAY FIVE. The Friday Five are our favourite posts form the last little while and if you've been tagged here it's because the staff and mods have nominated something you said as their favourite post.


@N1ghtW1ng : We've been loving your posts like this reply and then there was this post you just made just coz you wanted others to know all the little gems about seeking help that you've picked up over the years. As the nominating moderator said "Can we please give nightwing a medal or a trophy in the shape of a high five or hug? Or like.. a lifetime supply of burritos?"


@Hope_less You really turned things around - we are so impressed with your inner strength latest post here.  You went from feeling stuck to feeling like you were never going to give up. You've had a rough time to say the least but yr thinking positive and being so strong that we could all learn a thing or two from you.


@kittycat23 We're really thankful that you you dropped by to let us know how things had gone for you! It's great for us to hear talking about how you got through it - you are proof that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you'll never know how many people you helped by posting about your experience! Thank you! 


@Madame Your nomination came from starting this thread - "What do you do". It's proactive and just the type of thing we love to see our members start, it's going to be so helpful for so many others as well as for you! Plus it draws on all the great knowledge & experiences of our members! Nice one....


@bumble-d You are really great at giving supportive replies, just like this one here. It's members like you that make the supportive place that it is! You are generous in the way that you care about others - even people you have never met. 



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It's time for this week's FRIDAY FIVE! Every fortnight on a Friday I post our favourite posts form the last little while and if you've been tagged here it's because the staff and mods have nominated something you said as their favourite post. So, here we go!

@Rain It's great to see you back we love the way you were involved with Monday night's Getting Real session. You seem like a really thoughtful and empathetic person and you could really relate in this thread about group assignments and offered your support. It was great to hear how you try to be grateful and you focused on the positives here  and you've got some good de-stress tips like meditation and music when you  posted here! We're stoked to have you back!! Smiley Happy


@Zoso We love love love the way you get involved in the Hanging Out section, but the support that you offered here was really awesome. Thanks for being such a support member of our community, it's people like you that make this place somewhere where people want to hang out. Thanks!


@Shorty  Thanks for asking your question in Q&A - it's something that many people out there will face - having to talk about something difficult and painful. So by asking your question and working through it here you have helped many others who will continue to read your post and the answers for a long time to come. You've shown your strength by seeking help, it's not easy and we beleieve in your ability to work through this. All the best for yr appointment on the 29th. Let us know how you go if you feel up to it.


@stonepixie What can I say? Happy 3 month anniversary but at the same time, wow I can't beleive what a massive impact you have had on in those 3 months. We can't do what we do without people like you who are here to support others as well as yourself - you bring the sense of community that we rely on to make this place safe and supportive! This thread you started is a great example of how you've been able to share your experiences for others to benefit from!! (yr also the top high fived author of the last 6 months! Even though you've only been around for the last 3!!)


@redhead You've been going through a tough time but your strength shows when you are able to turn negatives into positives and look with hope to the future! Thanks for sharing yr knowledge and experience here. It's great that you're able to draw on your strength to help others but you have fun along the way which is so so important (hello games threads!). Thanks for being part of our community and making it the place it is!

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