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@Sophie-RO  Thank you for the kind words. I read many of the posts here and can relate to a lot of them, (and learn from the advice and links). And I know how it feels, being through/in the "system" a few times myself. The obstacles, the distress, the misdiagnoses, the searching for answers, the apathetic doctors and finding the right empathetic health care plan and provider for yourself.

Again, thanks, you have a great site and do important work.


Roll up roll up, it's time for the latest FRIDAY FIVE! Every second Friday (or so) I post our favourite posts form the last little while and if you've been tagged here it's because the staff and mods have nominated something you said as their favourite post. So, here we go!


@j95 : It's been so impressive how you have been posting here and reaching out during the tough time that you are going through.You never know who will be out there reading your posts going through something similar and being inspired by your strength. Not only have you been talking about what's going on for you but you've joined in on Getting Real and we loved how you started this thread to get to know everyone a bit better. It's people like you that make this community the great place that it is!


@_sagira_ So nice to see you back again... Although it sucks to hear that you've been having a bit of hard time, it's nice to know you thought of us when it came to looking into some info that might help the conversation you want to have with you parents. We love how you get involved in Getting Real and you are always an idea to share.


@Shadow It' great to see you making the most of Turning Negatives Into Positives with this post. Sometimes you just have to fake it til you make it - IE thinking positive & believing in yourself until your feelings catch up. I just happened to notice that tomorrow is your two year anniversary of being a RO member on this forum! That means you must have been one of the first to sign up when we upgraded to these forums, thanks for sticking around and helping build this community to what it is today!


@blueheart97 Thanks for coming and asking the question - I think many people will be able to relate and benefit from the conversation that you had here. Many of us will have a moment when we feel so crazy over someone who gives us no reason to go completely insane. Yet we do. Many people will read the thread and you'll never know how many people you have helped by reaching out here.


@Darkness_Within : Just wanted to reiterate what I said here, we can't tell you how moved we were by what you wrote. You are incredibly brave and while I understand that it might take awhile for you to next reach out for help, remember that you are not alone, so many people reach out for help. we've just got to get better at talking about it (especially when you consider the statistics - half of all people will  experience a mental health difficulty in their lifetime) 

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Thanks @sophie-RO !! Thanks for all your help in the past week or so, has been awesome and really great to know not only you but so many others on RO have my back through the super tough times. I know many people on here are struggling with things, including me but by making that thread I thought it would help just get to know everyone and forget about the bad stuff and focus on your goals or what you love.
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//


@Sophie-RO Oh wow...I didn't realise you guys did this sort of thing, but I'm humbled you guys thought of me.  Smiley Happy  yeah the hard times suck, but I've actually been in a pretty good place this last month (minus a day here and there), so I am really pleased about that!!  My psych just had me fill out the k-10 test and I went from being in the severe range in january this year, to the moderate range recently.  So that's a huge improvement!  I look forward to being more active in the GR sessions (when I remember).


Here is some info my psych gave me about the k-10 for those interested:

Research has revealed a strong association between high scores and a current diagnosis of anxiety and affective disorders such as depression. There is a lesser but significant association between the K10 and other mental disorder categories.
The survey yields a minimum possible score of 10 and a maximum possible score of 50. Low scores indicate low levels of psychological distress and high scores indicate high levels of psychological distress.
10 - 19 Likely to be well
20 - 24 Likely to have a mild disorder
25 - 29 Likely to have a moderate mental disorder
30 - 50 Likely to have a severe mental disorder
Age standardised national populations results have shown that 85.8% of males and 79.6 % of females have low levels of psychological distress or are likely to be well with respect to their mental health. 8.3% of males and 10.6% of females are likely to have a mild mental disorder, 3.1% of males and 5.5% of females are likely to have a moderate disorder and 2.7% of males and 4.4% of females are likely to have a severe disorder.






Hey guys! Sorry I missed last fortnight! But here we are... Friday Fives are a way for us to let you guys know what we thought were the most inspiring/fun/awesome posts of the last fortnight. Every 2 weeks we post the Friday Five!!!!!!


@lanejaneyou only joined a week and a half ago but you have managed to rack up an impressive number of posts, all wonderfully supportive and kind! You also found time to start this awesome thread.

2. @syntheticanot only was your response in this thread heartfelt but full of positivity and helpful advice! We look forward to having you around the forums in the future.

3. @zoii__  - thank you for sharing your inspirational story. We really admire your dedication to stamping out the stigma of mental illness in the community. 

4. @Creativegirl12  - although you have been struggling lately, we are stoked that you've started posting in the Turning Negatives Into Positive thread to work on reframing those thoughts!

5. And finally a joint five to @N1ghtW1ng @stonepixie for single-handedly keeping almost every thread in the Games forum alive, can I hear a WOOHOO.


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I would like to thank @Randomness for their efforts in the games threads as well. Cat Happy I probably would have gotten bored of it if it was just @N1ghtW1ng and me. Cat Happy

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ


It's that time in the fortnight again!! Here are our five favourite posts of the last 2 weeks as nominated by Mods....


- We've gotta give it up for @motorhead!!! Even in your first thread you have already come so far ! From being confused and down to now saying "Im Gay and im happy about it  :smileyvery-happy: " - we think you are a true inspiration.


- And to @lanejane - wow what an impact you've had since joining up recently. You have quickly become an amazing contributor and a great support, like in this thread. Hats off to you for being a deadset legend!


- We'd also like to acknowledge @brighterhappier for starting this thread:today i ahcieved - add your own. Being new to ReachOut didn't stop you from creating a really positive thread that got people talking and sharing - way to go! That's exactly the type of stuff we love to see!


- There were lots of nominations for this post because it made us all go 'awww'! In the "What are you proud of" thread, @Randomness wrote: 

"I am REALLY proud of all of you here on the ReachOut Forums. I love the way you all help and encourage each other and just generally hang out and create a community here. I also admire how you are open on here to share things you're struggling with and to reach out for help on the forums and in other ways. It's also awesome to read about all the things you are continually doing to help and look after yourselves, and through sharing those things with us we are encouraged and inspired and learn from them as well. I am seriously so proud of you all and so grateful to be a part of this community! You are all amazing! :smileyhappy:

Thank you for being part of what makes Reachout work, Randomness!


- And last but certainly not least to @j95 for always joining in on our organisaed chats (like this week's Getting Real)and even checking in what's happening with this months Innfobus. That's a real community member right there. You're always contributing even when you find it tough and always have an interesting opinion. We couldn't do what we do without members like you!

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Wooo so true! You guys are awesome!


Wow what a great thread. Soo inspirational soo happy Smiley Happy


@Sophie-RO Wow thanks Smiley Happy

well done to everyone nominated this week too



//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//