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I meant to post these on Friday but I was out of the office, so here it is, the Friday Five on a Monday!  Here are our five favourite posts of the last few weeks as nominated by Mods....


1. @bay52VU for taking the step of calling qlife! A really positive step, we're proud of you!


2. @Donni99 for "Being me feels good" - way to spread and encourage positive vibes! It's good to be reminded that we're great just the way we are. Group hug! :smileyhappy:


3. @j95 for "I'm proud of who I am" Thank you for reminding us that "Nobody is perfect but lets embrace who we are and what makes us all awesome." YEAH!


4. @standinside for the welcome you gave to joshie in the thread Stuck in my head. We want people to feel that they're welcome and they've come to the right place when they reach out to us for support. You did that perfectly!


5. @bumble-d for a great response to the post Dealing with strict parents. People come to ReachOut because they want support from others who've been through similar stuff to them. It can help to know that someone else has been there and gotten through it, and they really know what you're going through. Thank you for sharing your experience with Mark0154.


Congrats and thanks for helping keep ReachOut awesome, everyone!


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We have a bit of a back-log of nominations so here is another FRIDAY FIVE(ON A MONDAY) - these are the posts nominated by moderators for showing strength, living the values of ReachOut and just being generally excellent! These were from October and November....


1. @MemphisBelle got 2 nominations actually - for your supportive comment to CreativeGirl12 in I don't know where this will go. We're not really a community unless we're supporting each other, and your comment to CreativeGirl12 showed that you'd noticed her helping other people, and you wanted her to know you have her back, too. Good on you!


1. @MemphisBelle also got nominated for going ahead with their first counselling session, and then coming back and sharing her experience here. These kind of posts can be so helpful and reassuring to new members who are thinking of taking that first big step towards seeing a counsellor - so good on you for taking that step - and then writing about it to help other people in the future!


2. Also nominated was @KDYL for this excellent post. The advice KDYL gives is really solid and accurate, as regards the medication stuff. KDYL is encouragng and supportive "without being over the top or preachy. It's great. :smileyhappy:"


3. @Creativegirl12 was nominated for coming up with the idea to express her thoughts through writing in this thread: We love that sort of creativity!!


4. @Bee - This nomination came from your posts in this thread. You got the job you were stressing over and then started to see how things worked out. We love your resilience! 


5. And last but certainly not least - to @Platypus23
Thanks for sharing your perspective on all the benefits of mindfulness in 
this thread. 





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We are back with Friday 5s for 2015!! These are the posts nominated by moderators for showing strength, living the values of ReachOut and just being generally excellent! A couple of these were from the end of last year


1. Even though @DizzyDreamer  was new to the ReachOut forums, they quickly stepped up to welcome and support new people - what a legend. Check it out here


2. @Bee93 was nominated because even after a long, tough, triggery day at work, you were able to offer some heartfelt support and advice to thisisme in this thread: nice one!


3. @j95 was also nominated for volunteering on Christmas Day and turning it from a potential negative (spending Christmas alone) into a positive, where he got to do something that made the Day good for him and those around him. Good thinking for making a plan to do something positive, so glad you had a blast doing it. :smileyhappy:


4. @Bee has been so amazing at making sure she does "Turning negatives into Positives" which is fantastic to see. It will go a long way in challenging negative thinking. What a role model!


5. @stonepixie is back with a bang for the first & second Getting Real sessions of 2015 - we love your ongoing participation in our Monday night chats. They wouldn't be the same without you!



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Well done you guys. You  all make Reach Out the amazing, supportive, inspiring place that it is!


It's time for the Friday Five!!! Friday Fives are all about acknowleging people in the community for their awesome contributions... These are the posts nominated by moderators for showing strength, living the values of ReachOut and just being generally excellent!


1. First cab off the rank this time has to be @MemphisBelle - we're truly inspired and amazed by the hard work that you are putting in to looking after yourself and your mental health. It's not easy to start trying to change a mindset, but that's exactly what you have done. I'm sure it's hard work and I know you are still struggling but the work you are doing focusing on solutions, positives and your strengths will have massive payoffs for you in the long run. We're behind you all the way!


2. We also have to congratulate@redhead for the past month - like we mentioned in the other thread, a month of keeping safe and two weeks without hospital is TOTALLY KICK ASS!!! Time is all relative and we know that in the context of what you've been experiencing for the past few years this is a huge acheivement. Well done.


3. @lisashortie - you were nominated for starting the thread about young carers - you deserve big props for all the awesome stuff you posted there and the rest of the forums. We know that only 10% of the people who use our community for help actually post, so I know fore sure there are young carers out there reading that thead and finding reassurance and hope in your words. Thanks Lisa.


4. @j95  - members like you play one of the most important roles in keeping everyone safe and supported - thanks for keeping an eye out for people in trouble on the forums. Letting us know that you are worried about someone by using the report function is one of the great ways we can all keep eachother safe. Thanks Jay!  


5. @Nat8  you posted initally because you are having a tough time and even though it sucks that you were feeling low, the conversation that happened would offer hope to anyone else who reads it and is feeling in a similar position - so thanks for reaching out. We love that you have stuck around and become part of the community! No doubt we will see you in the games section asap!!! Smiley Happy

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@Sophie-RO Good job everybody! And thanks Sophie Smiley Happy
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//


Congrats to this week's friday five-ers! Smiley Very Happy


@Sophie-RO Thanks Smiley Happy Great job everyone Smiley Happy


It's Friday Five time! Friday Fives are all about acknowledging our favourite posts and our chance to give an extra shout out to the members who posted them! As we go about our work, mods, mod squad and staff have been nominating their fav posts and then I've picked my favourite 5 out of their nominations. So, this is about thanking YOU, our members and our regulars for creating such a strong community here and acknowledging that it's you who make this place special (and a place that about 20,000 people visit every month for help).


So, thanks!


1. First up is @N1ghtW1ng for returning to the forums after a long absence and jumping straight into spreading joy and positivity. 

After your awesome post to Bee in this thread, she came back and said it was the best thing she'd heard all week. <3


2. @stonepixie;got a nomination for their reply to vampireprincesses post "PSTD help?? need comfort" because as someone who is further along the path of healing, stonepixie was willing to share her own experience with sexual assault, and what helped her find comfort. Well done, stonepixie!


3. @redhead is up this time for sharing her experience of going to hospital for help when j95 asked "what will happen if I go to hospital?" in this thread. By sharing her experience of what it's like when you go into hospital for help managing your mental health, redhead helped j95 get an idea of what to expect, which helped him get the help he needed when helplines and other avenues weren't working for him. Great job, redhead! 


4. @sammysammy16 defo deserves this FF nomination for contributing some really supportive and helpful stuff to a couple of users who are having a hard time. Particularly the advice they gave redhead about mania and bipolar using their own personal experience.


5. In the words of the mod who nominated this one, " @Birdeye rules!!" - for your great replies and really thoughtful practical support on heaps of posts you are definitely deserving of this Friday Five!  This one and this one to name a few:smileyhappy:


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Just tagging @N1ghtW1ng to make sure you see that @Sophie-RO gave you a Friday 5!

Woohoo! Smiley Happy