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@Sophie-RO and @hartley_ thanks Smiley Happy I've been away from WIFI the past week and the past few days have been a little rough, so seeing two emails from ReachOut really made it better, thanks!
And awesome job guys! You all rock.


It's Friday Five time! Friday Fives are all about acknowledging our favourite posts and our chance to give an extra shout out to the members who posted them!


As we go about our work, mods, mod squad and staff have been nominating their fav posts and then I've picked my favourite 5 out of their nominations. So, this is about thanking YOU, our members and our regulars for creating such a strong community here and acknowledging that it's you who make this place special (and a place that about 20,000 people visit every month for help).


So, thanks!



First off - @SailorE for some kick-ass positives, and being a great role model for all of us!


Second, @bumblesheep for supporting the girls at her school who were sexually assaulted. That took guts and bravery and we are proud of you.


Third, @StereotypeWreck for discussing their anxiety and depression and hoping that talking about their experience will help others. We can garuntee you - it will. Thanks for sharing!


Fourth,  @Mr-Brightside for his kind words about the support on Reach Out and anger management strategies.


Fifth @TommyC for letting everyone know how he went after talking with his ex and openly discussing with her his feelings and being ok that they're holding off from getting back together.



5a (!!!) lucky last to @standinside for sharing their story on Anger Management


Online Community Manager


Nice work you awesome people!


@Sophie-RO Thank you so much for your support and the honour Smiley Happy Once I can get in touch with my counsellor I'll update you guys. Again, thank you for the support and advice everyone!


Well done @SailorE, @bumblesheep, @StereotypeWreck, @Mr-Brightside, @TommyC and @standinside !!!!!!!!!!



You guys all rule so hard!!!



Friday Fives Time! 

Today is my first crack at Friday Fives, and I wish i could post about more than five.  Like maybe a Friday Seventeen?... but that doesn't sound as good... hmm


Friday Fives is one of the ways we say thanks for all the awesome things you share and create on the forums. Here's one of the reason's why:

Forums are interesting places; for every person that posts there's about 10 people who read the post and get something valuable out of what they read. Another way of looking at that, is every time someone has the courage to tell their story on here there will be at least 10 other people who read it who are going through the same thing but aren't ready to talk about it yet. For those people, what you share makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE.


No joke, what you write and share on here saves lives, cool right? 


Friday Fives for Friday 28th of August


@alfredthefairy for having the strength to make a tough decision to focus on themselves and not get back into an abusive relationship and for sharing this with us.
@HappyCheeriosfor this truly awesome thread, so many positive vibes Smiley Happy 

@FootyFan26 for coming up with some awesome ideas for wear it purple 

@j95for starting Kmart Love and also for the safety plan, dude, you're just awesome and we're all proud of you. 

@N1ghtW1ng for creating and sharing their incredible website about their gender identity.



Well done to all the friday fivers! You make Reachout an awesome place to hang out Smiley Very Happy


Cool!! Thanks! And well done everyone!
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//


I'm up for a Friday Seventeens post Smiley Tongue (Friday Fifteens would kind of solve the catchiness issue though. Can that be a thing? haha)


Seriously though, awesome work guys. I love coming on here and reading/contributing to everyone's posts Smiley Happy

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish


@N1ghtW1ng your website is awesome! Smiley Very Happy Explains it so well!

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart