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Thank you so much @Bee! Smiley Happy

Congratulations to everyone else! Keep up the good work! Heart


Thanks so much! Great work everyone!

“Your now is not your forever."
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down


Heya Forums family Heart it's Friday again and that means more Friday Fives, so lets jump in!


@blueberry32 Supporting another user through sharing their own experience


@hellofriend Giving some good practical advice to another member about moving out of home for the first time && This amazing response to QueenP with a ton of great suggestions! Really love that you have given more than one suggestion, and asked questions to encourage this member to explore this situation more- great support!


@Maryhadalittlelamb Checking in with us again and letting us know the incredible progress you have been working hard towards these last few months. Your post offers a lot of hope to others who are going through something similar


@Tiny_leaf For their engagement in this weeks GR. your posts are full of information and you've given us ways to think about things to be more inclusive with everyone


@mspaceK sharing your drawings with us, they are incredible! So much talent!


@scared01  sharing a heap of mental health memes, I particularly love this one Smiley Tongue


Thank you to everyone for another amazing week Heart Spread the love and nominate posts for next week HERE! 

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart