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Failure and disappointment

There are many times in our lives that we may fail or be disappointed about something we did/didn't do.

How do you cope when these things happen?



I found out today I didn't get accepted into the course I wanted next year. I failed their suitability exam and now feel like I'm worthless and useless. 

I'm trying to get hold of commumity mental health because I'm really struggling. And I have Friday night magic to look forward to tonight.

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Re: Failure and disappointment

Hey @redhead, sorry to hear that you didn't get accepted into the course you wanted Smiley Sad. Your situation reminded me of a time about a couple of months ago where I didn't get accepted into the program I really wanted to do over the summer. Like you, I felt pretty worthless at the time as well. In terms of how I dealt with it, well, first I just let myself cry and let the emotions out. After that, I practiced my usual self-care routine (reading, listening to music) and distanced myself from my other commitments (e.g., assignments) to gather myself together.


Another thing that I began to acknowledge that I could always reapply for the program next year and can always seek feedback into why I wasn't accepted. Perhaps you could ask whoever administered your exam and ask for feedback so that you know what you could do better the next time you take it again (should you take it again)?


Either way, you contacting community mental health sounds like a great idea in this situation - I hope you'll manage to get through


I'm also going to tag other members to see what they can advise as well: @Libellule @mrmusic @ecla34 @seafaringstar @Puppies026 @Bee


Sending hugs <3

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Re: Failure and disappointment

Hi @redhead i'm so sorry to hear that, it's such an awful feeling when something like that happens, like your stomach has literally dropped to your feet Smiley Sad
i really agree with @Esperanza67, taking some time to let yourself deal emotionally with being disappointed and being kind to yourself helps a lot

it always takes me a while to get there emotionally, but i try to keep in mind that even though the outcome might not be what i was hoping for, it doesn't mean that i don't have anything to offer as a person/student. Even if we don't tick one particular box it doesn't mean we don't tick lots of other ones too, you know? (not sure if that makes sense) exams can vary a lot too depending on when you take them!
Were you able to get hold of community mental health? Hope you're doing okay <3

Re: Failure and disappointment

@redhead I'm sorry to hear that you weren't accepted into the course
@Esperanza and @ecla34 have given you some fabulous advice, I don't have anything to add but wanted to reassure you that this doesn't meam you are worthless - you are very worthy and I hope theright thing comes up for you very soon Heart

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Re: Failure and disappointment

Hey @redhead


Sorry that you didn't get into your desired course. Have you looked at different pathways? Sure you might not get there right now but eventually you will!


But I got a question for ya, those other people that failed to get into their course, are they worthless and useless too? I'm thinking your answer is going to a no. So why would you be worthless and useless then?


I think we disappoint ourselves more than we can disappoint any one else. There is no right way or one way to cope with disappointment. Time heals all wounds I guess. Hopefully after a while the feeling will go away on its own. What is done is done and now focus on the other ways for you to reach your goal. 

Re: Failure and disappointment

Hi @redhead
Sorry to hear that happened Smiley Sad
There have definitely been times where I didn't get into the course I wanted to/didn't do as well as I wanted to.
One of my favourite quotes is 'Que Sera Sera' which means 'Whatever will be, will be'.
It helps to take the pressure off my shoulders.
I really feel like I learnt from these kinds of experiences though.
I also heard in a show that sometimes you grow the strongest where you are the most fragile, so I like to think that these kinds of experiences help to make me grow as a person.