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Fallen for my best friend

Hey guys, I need some advice. I've fallen for my best friend but she's said before that she thinks she's straight. But when we hang out I feel this chemistry and I wonder if maybe she does feel the same but is scared to say cos she thinks I'm straight. Maybe that's crazy, I dunno. Anyway, I can't decide if I should tell her how I feel -I'm crazy about her but I don't wanna make it awkward and lose her. Any advice is welcome! Anyone else been in this situation? I'd love to hear what you did (:


Re: Fallen for my best friend

@TawnyOwl yep been in the exact same situation.

Long story short we dated for 8 months and are still good friends, so it can work.


Honestly my first suggestion would just be to come out to her and see how she reacts.

Re: Fallen for my best friend

Ah, that sounds really hard @TawnyOwl - I think @Tiny_leaf 's advice of coming out to her first is really good... @Tiny_leaf  it's great to hear that you've been able to stay close after breaking up. That can be such a hard thing to do! 


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Re: Fallen for my best friend

Hey thanks for the advice and support @Tiny_leaf and @Janine-RO, still not sure what I'm going to do but I'll work it out (: If anyone else reads this thread and can relate I'd love to hear what happened (:

Re: Fallen for my best friend

Hey @TawnyOwl 


I can't say I've been in a similar situation. The chemistry you feel is likely there - but it might be more of a friendship chemistry from her end, so it's hard to say. I agree with @Tiny_leaf's suggestion. If you feel comfortable, it might be a good idea to open up about your sexuality, and first see how she reacts. It's possible that she will come out after you do, and then there might be a chance for a romantic relationship there. Or, she might maintain that she is straight, and then you may have to accept that it's a platonic friendship.

What do you think?

Re: Fallen for my best friend

Hi @TawnyOwl,
This sounds like a really tough situation for you. You mentioned that she is your best friend, would you feel comfortable in letting her know your sexual orientation? If that goes well, maybe you could take the next step in letting her know your feelings towards her. I want to just highlight and say thank you for sharing this with us, it can be really tough navigating sexuality and possible relationships and feelings-especially when it's with an already close friend.
I can relate to having feelings fr friends, however, after LOTS of journalling and self-discovery, I acknowledged they were just 'crushes' and found them attractive rather than actual romantic feelings.
Good luck with however you decide to go about this.