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Falling Asleep

Hey everyone,


Lately it's been very difficult to actually fall asleep at night (probably because I'm so unhealthy but whatever) and I was wondering what are some strategies that you all use to help you sleep at night?


A few years ago I started playing music (Cavalia songs, it's a horse show) and rain sounds for when the music died down in between songs but now that no longer helps me sleep. I mean, turning those off would not help things but maybe you have some music recommendations? 



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Re: Falling Asleep

hey @N1ghtW1ng


I have trouble with this too and I found the Insight Timer App awesome for different sounds, music and meditations Smiley Happy

Re: Falling Asleep

hi @N1ghtW1ng i find it hard to fall asleep too but i find a guided breathing app helps me 

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Re: Falling Asleep

I'd say the same as @scared01 - I've found that when I'm struggling to fall asleep, the Smiling Mind app can be quite helpful Smiley Happy 

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