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Family Pressure Relief

Hello all,


I'm just wondering what other people do when they are in the 'middle' of problems or issues at home or within their family and they just need time to relax?


Things I do are:


Reading (I LOVE reading)

Story writing

And just listening to some music relaxes me.

Re: Family Pressure Relief

For me, it's usually watching a movie, a TV show, or reading a book. Anything that can transport me to another universe and allow me to step into another person's shoes.

Re: Family Pressure Relief

I normally just chill in bed with my cat, watch a movie or go on the internet Smiley Happy

Re: Family Pressure Relief

Yep, you've all covered most of the things I do in those situations. Another thing I've been doing lately is writing in my journal. Smiley Happy
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Re: Family Pressure Relief

Hey Clockwork

Great thread. I can relate, family situation is not the best for me atm.

I tend to go to Uni to get out of the house. I can't study at home.

Music plugged in and nodding my head to everything

Doing stretches in my room. Sit-ups warm up my body better than a heater.

Re: Family Pressure Relief

I like going for a long walk , it clears your head , gives you time and space to think, it makes you feel better and it has the added health benifits of exercise

Re: Family Pressure Relief

I usually just go outside for a bit, to bounce the ball around or just go for a walk.

Re: Family Pressure Relief

I like doing something outside of the house. Going for a run or catching up with my friends to vent always helps to get all the emotion out of my body so I can see thing clearer when I return back home.

Re: Family Pressure Relief

I like talking to a friend who I can trust and confide in. Sometimes I find the the family issues do not directly involve you so sometimes telling the people involved that you do want to be involved can also be handy.

Re: Family Pressure Relief

I used feel a lot of family pressure when I was living in my family home, however this has lessened since I've had to move away from that home for university.


The main things I used to do to get away or cope with/from family pressures:

  • Play computer games / go on the internet
  • Go outside
  • Listen to music 
  • Write about it (and vent)
  • Physical activity