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Just a little game for us to get to know each other Smiley Happy

Favourite Colour:

Favourite Singer/Band:

Favourite Food:

Favourite Movie:

Favourite TV Show:

Favourite thing to do on a lazy Sunday:


I'll do mine:


Florence and the Machine

Dark chocolate

Love Actually


Read a good book in the sun

Re: Favourites

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite singer/band: Kenney chesney

Favourite food: Fruit especially summer fruits

Favourite movies: Stick it

Favourite TV show: Law and order SVU

Favourite thing to do on a lazy Sunday: take my horse out for a ride

Re: Favourites

1. purple

2. U2

3. Wall Street

4. The West Wing

5. Sit with my cat in the sun

Re: Favourites

Favourite Colour: Blue or yellow

Favourite Singer/Band: Silversun Pickups (at the moment)

Favourite Food: Pizza

Favourite Movie: I'm not sure...

Favourite TV Show: X-Files (again, at the moment)

Favourite thing to do on a lazy Sunday: Some sort of art/craft thing

Re: Favourites

Favourite colour: Purple (and autumn colours)

Favourite singer/band: I really prefer individual songs - Wide Awake by Katy Perry is my fav at the moment

Favourite food: Lasange

Favourite movie: The Holiday (I'm a big sucker for romantic comedies!)

Favourite TV show: NCIS (also love NCIS LA, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood)

Favourite thing to do on a lazy Sunday: Catch up with friends for a Sunday Sesh

Re: Favourites

Favourite Colour: Pink!

Favourite Singer/Band: Fireflight

Favourite Food: Well I do like Chinese food...and Vietnamese food, especially Viet rice noodle salad and Pho. And I like desserts such as tiramisu and Asian sweets.

Favourite Movie: Not sure...I'm more of a book person. There are many favourite books I could list!

Favourite TV Show: Revenge.

Favourite thing to do on a lazy Sunday: Sleep. 

Re: Favourites

Favourite Colour: Pink

Favourite Singer/Band: Don't have one

Favourite Food: Fruit

Favourite Movie: Brides Maids 

Favourite TV Show: Home and away

Favourite thing to do on a lazy Sunday: Watch movies 

Re: Favourites

I always find these things so tricky because they tend to vary for me. But:


Favourite Colour: The whole rainbow? Smiley Tongue Seriously, yellow. But I also rather like blue. 

Favourite Singer/Band: This changes so often it's not funny. But maybe Rob Thomas. 

Favourite Food: Chocolate or fruit.

Favourite Movie: Probably Wall-E, Despicable Me or Up. Or The Princess Diaries. 

Favourite TV Show: Packed to the Rafters or Whose Line is it Anyway?.

Favourite thing to do on a lazy Sunday: Watch movies. 

Re: Favourites

Favourite Colour: Blue. But I always tell people it's green. I wish it was green. Weird, I know.

Favourite Singer/Band: Grand Salvo (right now, but it changes all the time.)
Favourite Food: That is like asking a parent to choose their favourite child! Way too many brilliant foods. Maybe bread. Or avocado. Or avocado on bread.
Favourite Movie: I'm not much of a movie person. Perhaps 'Zoolander'. Or 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'.
Favourite TV Show: Currently Masterchef and River Cottage series.
Favourite thing to do on a lazy Sunday: Baking, walks in the sun, Sunday morning croissants with the family (it's a bit of a tradition).

Re: Favourites

How fun!


awkwardturtle, the movie Stick It!  My gosh I haven't seen that forever!


Favourite Colour:  Green

Favourite Singer/Band:  Missy Higgins

Favourite Food:  Chicken Schnitzel and chips!!  Doughnuts!!  (and yep I only like everything home made and made from scratch!)

Favourite Movie:  Napolean Dynamite

Favourite TV Show: Greys Anatomy

Favourite thing to do on a lazy Sunday:  Chilling in the sun with good food and pals.