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Feeling alone

Anyone else feel absolutely alone even though they’re surrounded by others? I miss being at school where all my friends were together. Now I live on my own and feel totally alone. People ask what I’m doing and honestly, I go and walk and get coffee etc... but always on my own because everyone is busy. I feel like I’m just another face in a sea of people. How do people make friends nowadays!? 


Re: Feeling alone

Sorry to hear you’re feeling this way @Hennie 


I went through a similar thing a few years ago, I feel like I didn’t have enough friends and that I was lonely even though I was mostly around people. I think what helps is keeping busy, so keep yourself busy by doing chores and other jobs so you spend less time concentrating on your feelings of being alone. Spend time with friends when they aren’t busy and continue to build deeper connections. Sometimes when I feel alone even if my friend is busy it’s nice to be on a deeper level with them where I can have a 5 or 10 min talk or text conversation with them about how I’m feeling.


Regarding your question on how to make friends, I would think of something you love doing and join a social group in the activity. Social groups are an amazing way to meet people and make new friends. Also I think there are Facebook groups for people who want to make new friends and they do a range social activities every week! 


Hopefully this helps! And remember you’re not alone on Reachout! I think feeling alone is a common thing people experience after leaving school and when big transitions happen in life. But keep smiling and remember there will always be someone there for you Smiley Happy 


Re: Feeling alone

Hey @Hennie  - thank you for posting about this. I know that I can really relate to feeling alone and I'm sure many other users can too.

Making friends can definitely be a challenge, and it's something that I've struggled with too. Something that helped me was attending events that I enjoyed, and making myself start a conversation with at least one person while I was there. For example, I really like writing, so I went to some spoken word nights in my area.

Do you reckon that's something you could try?

Looking forward to hearing from you! Smiley Happy   

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Re: Feeling alone

I know it is easier said than done, but sometimes i feel like embracing being alone is a beautiful thing. I love to watch Ted talks on being alone. Take this time to do exactly what you love, learn about yourself, work on a personal project. Being alone doesn't have to be lonely.


On the otherhand, join a club or a group which would interest you. It may push you out of your comfort zone to meet new people, but you could meet some like-minded people to spent time with!


Re: Feeling alone

such amazing advice being given in this thread. 

@Hennie  - do you think any of this could be helpful for you? 

We also have an article on our website called 10 things to do if you're lonely - there might be something in there that helps. 


Let us know how you are- being lonely truly does suck, but we're here to listen and support you through this Heart

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Re: Feeling alone

People make frends easy but not when u bipolar
While it in mania u will be very weird sometimes this ppl dont like
When depress u very sad and its bad for frendship
Load apps like imvu second life and avakin life
There as social network u easy can find friends even who bipolar or into what u like
Also u can just go offline when u feel like need time alone
Its better coz rl friends not always free to meet or listen to u
While there u can find tons of frends
Also u dont have to go anywhere u need just network and phone or pc laptop
Hope it helps