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Feeling flat.

Hello reader.


I don't even know if someone is reading this or not, I might just be writing to reach out to myself or something. 


I wanted to tell myself or others how I am feeling.




My friends are going out without me...hanging out during COVID...making tik tok videos and making me feel crap. Also I must add, I am sick of lifeI feel empty and broken...


I go back to school in a week, but I thought I might just say about how I feel. I'm very shy and anxious to return and I am socially anxious.


I also wrote this to say I love you. I want you to know everything will be okay as I know everything will be okay. You are special, and I know, I KNOW people love you, and there are people all over the internet I have found who feel the same...


This has helped me by typing it out..


Anyone else relate?


Re: Feeling flat.

Hey @Someone1 


I'm sorry you've been feeling down Smiley Sad I'm here to listen! 

It can be disheartening when your friends are hanging out without you... do you think maybe you could communicate that with them? If you can bring yourself to, it could be a good idea to just let them know that you feel left out and excluded. If you are uncomfortable meeting them out because of COVID, perhaps you could arrange a group video call or something and watch a movie together or play some online games together?


Is there anything else troubling you to make you feel empty? 


Also, thank you for your lovely words! You are also so special. You are worth love and care. Hope you feel better much soon Heart

Re: Feeling flat.

Hi @Someone1 !




Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings with the forum, its not easy to do that. I don't exactly know what you are going through, but I hope you are okay. It's hard to see the people you view close and as friends doing things and making plans without you. That is really hurtful of them and something a friend shouldn't do. If I were you I would address it to them, or just try to find other friends to get close to. Additionally, I recommend that you focus on improving yourself. This is something that I really think is important during times like these. You are the one person that you will always be with, so might as well get along with yourself and be the best you. Find hobbies you enjoy, exercise and work out, get a job etc.


I hope you are okay friend.



Re: Feeling flat.

@Someone1 thankyou for sharing a slice of your story with us, we appreciate it. Your warm words of encouragement are something we could all enjoy right now- and you are right- typing and writing things help are some of the most underrated cathartic exercises we can do!


Re: Feeling flat.

Hey @Someone1 


Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling the best. Just wanted to say thanks for your post, it was an honest and realistic insight, that I and I am sure many others can relate too. 


Also I hope school goes well for you, it could be a chance to reconnect with peers. I think lot's of people are feeling anxious about going back to school - so you aren't alone Heart 

Re: Feeling flat.

Hi, @Someone1 I can really relate to what you said and thank you that was so well explained. I went through something similar when I was in high school not too long ago, my advice I find something to make you happy each day. Also, do things that will make feel less anxious about going back to school for example you could read up on what else you can do to keep yourself safer or lessen your risk. Another example is to find ways to manage your anxiety at school for me that was knowing things to talk about, having a safe place either in my head or a physical place, I made sure I had someone to communicate my feelings to possibly an online friend or myself like what you did in this forum or my journal when I journaled I would talk to my future self rather current self or a friend as if they were going through the same thing to stop myself from being harsh on myself. I hope this helps and I believe in you.