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Feeling lonely

i'm 15 years old. i don't have a lot of friends, usually i hang out with 5 of then, the closest ones. but in this 5 there are some who lives far, other are dating or have other friends to hang out. so weekends comes and i don't have anything to do, i like going out but it misses friends. i wish i had more so i could socialize more. what should i do? help me

Re: Feeling lonely

Hi @andrett welcome to RO!  Thanks for sharing your situation with us. It sounds like you are going through a bit of a hard time when it comes to socialising - your current circle of friends seem to be busy with other stuff. This happens often, people find other activities or relationships that keep them busy and it can become hard to stay in close contact with friends. Of course it's hard to deal with but the good news is that it's an opportunity to meet new people. 


What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies that you especially like? There are hobby groups and meet up groups that you could join. I know for myself I've had a really good time connecting with new people through meetups. What about your school, are there any activities you are a part of? It will be helpful to know more about your situation so we can best support you Smiley Happy


You can also connect with people here on RO. Feel free to introduce yourself and post around in threads which interest you. It's a very active and supportive community and I can tell you so many users here love coming here and sharing their experiences. 


I hope you keep us updated and let us know more about how you're doing.

Re: Feeling lonely

Hey @andrett
I totally know how you feel. Sometimes, I want to go out but I'm not much for socialising. If you're free tonight, we are doing a Getting Real session on loneliness. GR sessions are where a bunch of us chat about a topic and answer questions about it. Maybe we can talk a bit about socialising too. What do you think?

Re: Feeling lonely

Hey @andrett welcome to ReachOut

Feeling lonely is pretty awful, I understand, but it doesn't have to be like this forever. There's a few things you can do that might expand your friend network and hopefully gain some other skills like better confidence.
Have you looked at sports or social groups in your area? It can be pretty daunting joining up and going for the first time but sticking at it really pays off, a lot of the friends I have are from my sporting groups.
Another thing could a nearby youth centre... sometimes you don't even know about them until you go looking, it's worth doing a few Google searches, a lot of people that attend those centres are looking for more friends and something to do, just like you! And they are so welcoming.
I know it's not direct socialising or making friends but a way to increase your confidence so you can make more friends may be getting a part time job, after school or on weekends, you'll get to meet some new people, and learn a thing or two!
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Feeling lonely

Hi @andrett

Everyone else has given some great suggestions on places to go for new friends from here.

With your current friends, do you think you could say something to them about wanting to hang out more with them? I understand that they're going to want to hang out with other people, but you're still their friend too, and that should mean that they want to hang out with you too. Perhaps try inviting them to things that would specifically interest both them and yourself. Or you could suggest doing something with them and their other friends/boyfriend/girlfriend. Hanging out with people in the wider circle could end up with you feeling more involved in the group, and may make you some new friends.
For the ones that live far, could do some sleepover weekends sometimes?

Or are there other friends outside of those five that you would be interested in getting to know better?

Re: Feeling lonely

Hey @andrett welcome to ReachOut! Feeling lonely really sucks. There are a lot of fantastic suggestions in this thread already - what do you think?


We're here to support you and listen.

Re: Feeling lonely

Hey guys, I'm only new to this site and I was hoping that this will help. 

Okay so lately I haven't been sleeping that well at night and now at school I don't really have anyone that I can trust with everything. I thought my friend will help but she just made things worse. Can anyone help or give me a reason for this and what I should do. 

Re: Feeling lonely

Hi @Roxy23, welcome to RO! Not being able to sleep really sucks and there's a bunch of reasons why it could be happening. There are some great tips available on the main website on how to get a good night's sleep. We also did a Getting Real session here on the forums a little while ago on good Sleep Hygiene.


If you're feeling stressed out about something, it can help to talk through it. You can start a new thread here, if you want to through it.