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Feeling restless?

So at the moment I am feeling very restless. And I have to wait for another 20 minutes then another half an hour on a train so to conclude, what do you do when you are feeling really restless?

(Tapping my feet isn't helping Smiley Tongue)

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Re: Feeling restless?

I look at photos of my cat or if I am at home I pet my cat.

Re: Feeling restless?

hi @N1ghtW1ng


have you tried using a phone app to decorate photos of yourself or pets or things in general?


what about using midfulness while your on the train?


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Re: Feeling restless?

@N1ghtW1ng music or phone games for me Smiley Tongue

Re: Feeling restless?

Hmm... I try to daydream/make up fan fiction in my head. And if I'm really restless and that doesn't work, I might listen to music or plait my hair to give my fingers something to do. Or call someone so the conversation will distract me...

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