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Female Body Talk

Being physically female can be hard, and whether you are a girl, boy or something in between, our bodies can still let us down. There are plenty of pressures around by both our bodies and society such as periods, boobs, shaving, fashion, make-up and more and these things can be tough to deal with. 

It can be just as hard to find someone to talk (or rant!) to about some of the standards set for women, plus the annoying things that happen thanks to puberty. So if you need to get some stuff off your chest about your chest (hehe Smiley Tongue) or you have some suggestions for dealing with both the physical and mental stuff then post it here! Smiley Happy


I will begin with fashion. Has anyone else noticed that most nice-looking women's clothes are at least partially see through? I mean, it's ridiculous! Especially in Australia, in summer. I do not want to be wearing a singlet underneath my shirt just so people can't see underneath. And on the topic of clothes, does anyone else get annoyed by the sleeves? They cut off right under the armpit and it just feels so uncomfortable. Fingers crossed I can find some nice shirts for my prac in the mens department Smiley Tongue

Re: Female Body Talk

Hey @N1ghtW1ng, awesome thread - for all genders! It can be very frustrating the pressures on human beings to present a certain way. I would like to second the sleeve issue, why do they do this to sleeves? Smiley LOL


I also get frustrated with the price difference between similar cuts across male and female. Blokes shirts can be a lot cheaper than females, essentialy made from the same cotton/linen. Has anyone else found this?

Re: Female Body Talk

Great thread @N1ghtW1ng! I definitely agree with the annoyance of having to wear another singlet under a see-through top!


I'd love to join your rant. *Takes a deep breath*


Firstly, I'm a shorty. I'm also proportioned so that I have a shorter torso and longer legs. I don't mind the longer legs, but whenever I want to buy a nice shirt or dress, the neckline goes down so low you can see everything! 


Secondly, speaking of chests, sometimes I find that a dress or a shirt fit me nicely everywhere but my chest! I guess this can be for girls who are smaller or larger in their chest size.


Thirdly, regarding shaving, the back of my knees get so itchy I've actually managed to give myself scabs before!


OK, I feel better now. :-) Rant over.

Re: Female Body Talk

@JanaG oh shaving, something I abandoned a long time ago Smiley Tongue In high school I started shaving my legs and eventually gave up (so much work! And pain when you cut yourself) In the past few years, I shaved for my semi formal and that's it. I only shave my underarms when they feel uncomfortable, not because of appearance Smiley Tongue
@Bree-RO I hadn't noticed prices, but I'm not surprised. Being female is so expensive. Bras, pads/tampons, exessive amounts of beauty products, clothing. I never buy womens shirts anymore though, mainly because of the sleeves and, in my opinion, terrible styles.

Re: Female Body Talk

Oh man! Men's clothes! I've just takjen to buying mens shirts because theyre usually cooler and i like the cut a lot better. love baggy shirts and cutting off the sleeves. tbh i hate womens fashion, i hate fashion commentators. i love wearing cool n quirky things and i dont like people saying stuff like oh florals are for spring, blacks should stay in winter, dont wear pajamas as clothes.... 



I've started to just. really start to reject the mainstream idea of beautiful, and really embraced weird and different things, like body hair and chubby bodies that ARENT just a little waist and big boobs and hips. Makeup trends right now are so boring.. all nude shades (i saw someone post a picture of beige nikes saying 'goals and i ???) and on-fleek eyebrows. i shaved my eyebrows off and i wear a lot of kids clothes and i really like clown makeup. a lot of people say i look weird or guys dont like it, or my body hair is gross and im like, good! i dont want to be beautiful! I'm smart and creative and funny and much more than beautiful!!


i hate boobs being sexualised the most. i remember in high school i was constantly told to cover up, or singlets were inappropriate JUST because i had big boobs. i feel so self conscious at the beach and running and all that. theyre just sacks meant for feeding babies but because people are weird i cant be topless in summer Smiley Mad 

Re: Female Body Talk

This might be going slightly off topic, but I have to admit that one of the things I appreciate about being male is not having to be anywhere near as concerned about fashion. I've barely changed my wardrobe over the past couple years, and I can pretty much go through the entire year with a revolving combo of slacks, collared shirts and a sweater (+coat +scarf during the colder months) like a less atrociously, (but no less consistently) dressed Steve Jobs, and no one'll bat an eye. Even if it looks like I've been wearing the same clothes for 4 weeks because I have like 6 pairs of pants that are roughly the shame shade of black, grey or blue, and I have the same coat on (dry cleaning is so expensive, you guys Smiley Sad).


I also don't know if it's just me, but I feel like fashion codes are much easier to figure out. T-shirt/Polo with shorts/khakis/jeans for casual, button up-shirt with khakis/slacks for smart casual (+blazer if it's cold), then white button-up + tie +blazer with slacks for formal/businesswear. I think women have a more ambiguous sliding scale that makes it much harder to figure out what to wear and if you're overdressing/underdressing. (As a sidenote: there should be a rule that people hosting events stipulating dress codes should give examples of what they mean.) The fact that smart casual and formal for guys is so similar also means that we can get away with having like...6 pieces of clothing in our wardrobe that'll cover pretty much all our fashion needs, provided we're happy to do laundry everyday. Which is pretty neat if you hate shopping for clothes like I do. (I have two conditions for buying clothing: 1. That it should fit correctly and 2. That is should not be hideous. Somehow, this makes it completely impossible to buy anything. Although I imagine it's even worse for women, because you have more measurements to take into consideration.)


On the upside, I feel like girls can get away with more diverse styles to choose from, even if it takes more effort to get there?


Re: Female Body Talk

@Asche women certainly do have a lot more freedom. also the ability to crossdress without having sexuality questioned or violence ensuing. Guys have it pretty easy, and yet so many of them look like theyve never seen a mirror. And THEN they have the audacity to tell a girl she has to look perfect constantly! I hate it. 


Guys should take some grooming lessons from feminine people. pluck your eyebrows or something. hold yourself to the same standards you hold women to. 

Re: Female Body Talk

I actually don't take any notice to fashion and wear what I want when I want. This can be sports clothes and hoodies, or shorts all year round because I hate jeans. I wear converses with dresses, because I can. My favourite colour to wear is yellow. I have dressed in all yellow for a party once LOL.

The worst thing about being female is when it comes to running and playing sport. I'm someone who religiously shaves my legs because I'm always in shorts and can't stand it, and now I wear make up just because I can, not for expectation. But buying clothes is annoying especially when I'm a midget.

Re: Female Body Talk

I hate when people think you wear makeup because you want to impress someone.. but then when you don't wear it, people may say you look sick or tired. My face is usually clear but when it isn't, I hardly wear makeup. I still put some concealer on because I don't want to look 'sick' but I sort of hate that I feel that pressure. It's mostly because a full face of makeup takes so much effort to take it off. If I have something special on or I feel like it, I will wear makeup. I am the sort of person who likes to go all out too, so I love makeup but I also love letting my skin breathe and not falling prey to societal values.


Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right.
– Henry Ford

Re: Female Body Talk

One of the things I hate about having a body that was assigned female at birth is that other people seem to think they have some inherent right to touch you?? Bosses who put their arms around you and strangers who grab your hand and tell you kiss them and boys who stroke your hair because they think it's pretty even after you've told them not to touch you. Like, why? Why??