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Female Friends and directing approriate support

Hi ReachOut , 


I have a friend ,potatobeans, potatobeans has sex without condoms with partner, bananadave.


I've seen her mood swing to a intense yelling when she saw a picture of her ex, sleepysteve. Girls do feel things deeply.  


I think these are side affects of contraceptive pills. It scarred me a little, tbh.


The smart thing to feel was to ask no questions and supress that curiosity.


I'm happy she has a close relationship with her mother but as dude there just some places you can't go cause its very intimate affair.


Should a female would like to speak to someone about female welfare matters in places like festivals or even Uni or Bars is there someone I can bring them to like a nurse when they  may not be feeling well for whatever reason ? 


I'm a dude and acknowledge I'm ignorant how women are affected by their hormones or drugs.  

Re: Female Friends and directing approriate support

Hey @BunnyWalks 


It sounds like you're asking about how to approach talking to your female friends about their reproductive health and mental health? 


If a female friend wants to talk to you about her health and her body , and you feel comfortable to listen, then listen! Listen and respect what she has to say, and remember that she is the expert on her own mental health  and health. 


Some contraceptive pills do impact on some women's moods and health, and this is something they should talk to a GP , psychologist or other doctor about.  It is important to practice safe sex with a condom, or with another form of contraceptive -  but it is always up to the woman what form of contraceptive she chooses. 


Your question about bringing someone to a nurse - if someone needs medical attention then they should always go see a nurse or medical person. 


It's important to remember that there are way more similarities than differences between men and women , and that speaking to a woman about her body and her mind is the same as speaking to a man. Be respectful at all times, and you can't really go wrong! 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Female Friends and directing approriate support

I'm think I maybe misunderstood. I was asking how to respond appropriately if my female friend is giving me hints that's she's not okay.

Like after she has disclosed that shes not feeling okay and she has shared some details.

Would an appropriate question to ask be " would you like to speak to someone on what your going through "

I will listen with empathy. But just responding to those subtle hints in a discreet manner ?

Re: Female Friends and directing approriate support

I think that sort of question would be perfectly appropriate @BunnyWalks.

It's always okay to ask what someone needs from you, so asking if they want to speak to someone, or to you if you're comfortable with that, or asking if they'd like help finding some help is perfectly okay.

Re: Female Friends and directing approriate support

Feeling reassured @Birdeye Thank you that answer makes it very clear to me.