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Finding myself

I'm new to this forum. 


I've just spent three T in absolute solitude in the mountains outside of Cape Town, South Africa. 


I went there broken and returned whole and full of power, safety, peace and happiness. 


I want to talk to someone about it

Re: Finding myself

Hi @TheJames welcome to RO! I have moved your post from Getting Real Sessions to Everyday Life so that more of the ReachOut crew can have a read and a chat. Cannot wait to hear about your experience!

Re: Finding myself

Hey @TheJames ,

Woah that's quite an experience! I've always wanted to go to Africa myself!

How did you go whilst you were there? What sort of things did you get to experience?

Smiley Happy

Re: Finding myself

@TheJames that sounds awesome!


I haven't been to Africa yet but i'm keen to know from you what you did that helped you grow so much?

Re: Finding myself

Hey @TheJames,

That sounds like you took an opportunity and turned it into a real learning experience! What would you say was the best part about it? Was it something besides the quiet environment which made it something you could get only there rather than in a city? Would love to hear more

Re: Finding myself

Wow @TheJames that sounds incredible. I would love to do something like that but I feel like my fears hold me back - how did you build up the strenght/will power to go for it?

Re: Finding myself



That is so inspiring to hear!

I would love to know what your highlight of the trip was! 


What a great threat to start, thank you!

Re: Finding myself

Hi @TheJames!

It must have taken a lot of courage to embark on such a journey! 

What was one of the defining moments for you?