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Re: Finding other female friends to vibe with is HARD AF

Hey @Rosemmbles , welcome to the forums (I assume you're new? I can't even remember what the ranks mean anymore, lol).


I'm sorry to hear of all this. I'm 21, and I've struggled making friends my whole life, whether they're females or male. I still struggle now, especially in my town because it's a country town (not in the middle of nowhere, it's still suburban) and I get rejected with every group etc I try and join, I have no clue why. It's a town where everyone knows everyone pretty much and most people don't want to welcome and talk to you. The bird life and nature is nice and it's peaceful, but that's about all I like here.


Anyway, I wish I had friendships like that aswell. It would be good to meet people on here, like you, but unfortunately we can't. But I'm a female, and I'm around if you would like someone to talk to.

Re: Finding other female friends to vibe with is HARD AF

Totally get what you mean - bitchy friend groups can have a serious lasting impact and I’m sorry you had to go through that


I can honestly relate I had a friend group like that for about 5 years - talking behind each others backs, ignoring, excluding, arguments, bullying each other, exposing secrets - all of it rolled into one. Unfortunately I was the new kid when I met them and didn’t have anyone else to go to so I felt stuck there. Eventually I couldn’t cope so I moved groups as I had found a friend but yeah.. really not a good time in my life

I was able to make friendships with other girls when I unlearnt the fact that not everyone was talking about me, secretly hating me and that my old friend group was not the “norm” - I’m not exactly sure how I did that but I think I just took time to heal with time and distance and figure out what sort of negative thoughts and feelings I was having about friendships  


I have found that most of my great friendships have started when we were both focused on a task  - I asked this girl for math help and there was no awkwardness because we were focused on a task  and not each other - and now she’s been my best friend for 4 years.

so things like sports, clubs, group activities are a great way to make friends I have found and you also have a common interest so you may find someone to vibe with easier


I hope this helps but I’m not great at advice Smiley Happy 


and I believe that you will have the Sex and The City friendship!!!!!!!!!