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Finding the positives of being back at school

Hi guys!


I just felt like I wanted to spread some positive thoughts for today, especially since school has just started now for many of you. Being back at school can always be a little nerve-wracking or overwhelming, especially after a long summer break. It can be a time where stress is high and maybe you're even dealing with a new school, new friends etc. 


I thought it might be nice to think about the good things that come with starting school. Things that might lift other people's spirits up and get our minds onto more positive thoughts and emotions. 


1. What are you most excited about in general/to learn?

2. What are some hobbies you enjoy that you would like to keep up in your spare time?

3. Are there any teachers that you love? What are some nice things they have done for you?

4. What's your favourite subject and why? 

5. What kinds of things do you love doing with your friends at school?


annnddd... hahahha (coz why not)

6. What are you looking forward to doing the next holidays?


One of my favourite memories from high school is my English classes where my amazing teachers truly cared about our wellbeing and wanted us to be in a happier mood before starting class. They'd put on one music video before we started while they marked the roll, and every time, we all sang our hearts out together.



School can get stressful sometimes, but as someone who is now in uni, it doesn't last as long as you think! It really does zoom past, especially when you look back on it. Find the positives, find your support networks, good and loving friends, keep up your loved hobbies, remember self-care and enjoy the little things. Hold onto the funny memories you gather while you're at school. Heart


Re: Finding the positives of being back at school

Hey AYRC ! Smiley Happy) Hope youre doing well !


Whilst im currently at Uni, I can sort of relate to not always wanting to go to school since my High School wasn't the best. For those who feel the same, just know that it doesn't last forever, and that personally speaking, life gets to much more interesting and BIG afterwards regardless of where you choose to go.


Best of Luck to those going back, You just gotta hang in there !


Re: Finding the positives of being back at school

This is such good advice!! Especially for those entering VCE years it can be a really stressful time, having to deal with the pressure whilst dealing with all the changes that comes along with growing up. So this post that encourages looking at the positive aspects of school is really beneficial and will be helpful!
I think just having routine and being surrounded by friends was definitely a positive for me. Would love to hear what other people find/found positive about going to school 😊

Re: Finding the positives of being back at school

@ayrc_1904 I definitely agree with you!
I started back at school 2 weeks ago, and I was starting at a new school. Not the most fun, but it was okay.

Now I’m starting to find my feet, and even though the past 2 days have been challenging, I enjoyed most of the last few weeks. Smiley Happy

Re: Finding the positives of being back at school

Hi everyone! Thought I'd pop by this thread to see if we can brainstorm some more positives of being back at school Smiley Happy


Have there been any other positives now we are a few weeks into the school term?


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Re: Finding the positives of being back at school

Hey @xXLexi_Lou122Xx 


I'm so glad you're starting to find your feet. Starting at a new school always comes with new challenges but I'm sure you will find more and more things to love and look forward to as you get used to your new environment. Heart


Re: Finding the positives of being back at school

Thanks @Jess1-RO for popping by! 

I'm at uni and I'm only beginning tomorrow, but some positives that I'm looking forward to are seeing uni friends again more regularly and having a routine and schedule to live by. I'm the kind of person that loves to be doing things hahaha so having 3 months of holiday felt almost too long somehow and I'm actually excited to get back to classes! I'm excited to learn more about something I'm interested in and passionate about Smiley Very Happy Heart