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Re: First Job

Congrats Loki! How did it go? I'd love to know!

I was 14 when I got my first job at MacDonalds and I remember I got $4.75 per hour!!! I loved having my own money to buy my own music, my own clothes and my own hair dye! Which my Mum did not like!

One thing that I wish I knew more about were my rights as a worker and I'd also encourage you to find out about your union. Sometimes young people are taken advantage of in these casualised sectors. For example special (lower) wages for younger people, just because of their age - yet they are doing the same job as another person who is older! You can get some info about your rights here: and choose your state!

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Re: First Job

My first job was at KFC too! However I was only 13 when I started working there which I don't think is even legal. It was great earning my own money (which was about $5.60 an hour from memory) but working til 11:30pm on a school night and constantly stinking of chicken and grease wasn't so great. I quit after a year and went across to the local supermarket where I worked for the next 7 years through high school and uni. Much better!

Re: First Job

Hey guys, wow so many responses!


As it turns out I didn't end up taking the job at KFC (long story) but now have an interview at a local Italian restaurant tomorrow. Although I stuffed up the phone call I made (social anxiety really sucks) I'm hoping it will all go well Smiley Happy


I also have a few students (ranging from Year 7-10) who are interested in Maths tutoring, so hopefully I can pursue that as well. Smiley Happy

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Started my new job yesterday!

I hope nobody minds me posting my own adventures regarding my own job. 

Yesterday I started my new job working as a housekeeper in an extremely upper class area. Just to give you an idea the houses I am cleaning go for $400.00 a night upwards, and tomorrow I am going to be cleaning a ten bedroom house and my bosses say it is going to take nearly 6 hours to clean because it is so huge. 

First thing I'd like to say is how much I love the work, I take it so seriously (how seriously I shall take you through later on), it has me on my feet all day moving around heaps, I was breaking a sweat with all the work I was doing. I was just completely ran off my feet. I had the job interview on Monday (the 2nd of September) and the interview went really well and I left the interview feeling as though I had managed to find a job where my employees really truly care about me, and are going to support me through any sort of difficulties I have with my work. I remember the co-manager saying to me "if you can't remember how to fold the toilet paper or the towels, let me know and we can work on it". And she made very clear her utmost opposition to work place bullying. As I don't have my license or a car yet, I do rely on my manager to take me along in his car to the different houses we do housekeeping for. Before I went for the interview I had mum telling me that I was silly for going for a job as far away from home as I did. But as I said to her on the phone that day, if the job simply is not practical that I can GET to it. I will not take it. I did have plans to discuss this with my employer, and on the day of the interview I was able to negotiate my employer coming to pick me up from a train station on the other side of town and take me to work from there. At the interview I didn't tell my employer he had to do this, I simply asked him if there was a possibility that we could organise to have me picked up and taken to work. And very fortunately for me, this was a possibility. I was really happy about this! And everything went according to plan yesterday morning. I arrived at the train station particularly early and I waited for him to arrive. He arrived around 8:20 (I got there at 7:00 or so, but I just read Romeo and Juliet in the mean time!) and then we went off to work with another employer that arrived at the train station around that time. So all that was great, and I organised things very well and I was happy that I was able to do this. 

To begin with, when we arrived at the office I was greeted by another employer who I would end up spending a majority of the day with (including my manager) and the other worker. But I was just raring to see the properties I was going to be cleaning. I really wanted to soak in the extravagance and see what kind of job I had gotten myself. And make no mistake, when I came to one of the hotel resorts, my expectations were completely blown out of the water (I'm on a roll with the cliches here aren't I?) the ellegance exuding from these properties was the best I had seen in a long time. I was at this point totally in love with my job as you could understand! 

By the days end, I'd had an absolute blast. Was very very tired. But I had a day off the next day (being today!) and I went home and was out like a light (I swear these cliches aren't intentional!). Later last night I went to one of my many places of zen and tranquility; McDonald's and I had a sit down with a cup of tea and reviewed my day and got down on paper my resposibilities and developed a sort of check list paraphrasing my various housekeeping duties. I enjoy doing this sort of thing, I am regularly involved in some form of mental stimulation and I have fun visiting libraries and doing a variety of things that give me the opportunity to exercise my mind. I love it. 
The main reason why I visited McDonalds after dinner last night was so I could just take myself out for a walk and because of a slightly developing anxiety that I have with my job. Yesterday at work my boss said that I will be working on my own next week and this frightened me a little bit because I don't think I am at all ready! I have been thinking about the areas that I am struggling with a little bit at work, and I'd hate to be left alone and unable to tend to this weaker area of mine. I believe yesterday I made good progress and was working well and learning a few things relatively quickly, but one of my problem areas was making the beds correctly. It was just a little tricky for me to get, and I struggled to pick it up even with the help of my manager. And this is stressing me a little bit because I just want to get it right! i believe I can get it right, but I just need some more practice and some more help. I am a little bit worried this is going to cost me my job, but I'm just not sure how to approach this situation with my manager. Maybe I need to remind myself more of the fact that if I am not getting things right they need to help me out a little bit more. 

Thanks for reading my story, and any advice with regards to my previous concerns would be appreciated very very much! 

Re: First Job

My first job was working at the grain silos during harvest time.


My advice would be to work hard. Its easy to tell if you are slacking off, and working hard will impress your co-workers and your boss, and it will give you strength to accomplish anything you put your mind to.


The second piece of advice I would give, would be to dive right in. Don't wait for someone else to do something you think needs to be done. Use your initiative. If there's a problem, fix it. If you don't know how, ask questions. Then when you learn how to fix it, the next time you can do it yourself.


And lastly, yeah, smile and be nice to everyone, but don't forget to stand up for yourself. There are more bullies in the workplace than there are at school, and you have the right to feel safe, comfortable, and secure in your workplace. Don't take the matter straight to your manager, or over their heads, try to resolve it yourself first. But if that doesn't work, don't quit. Just make your complaint formal, and stand by your word.


Other than that, try to have fun. If you have to mop the floor, take pride in your mopping skills. Once you've finished, you will feel better for having achieved something you put effort into.

Re: First Job

@tesla-weapon wrote:

Other than that, try to have fun. If you have to mop the floor, take pride in your mopping skills. Once you've finished, you will feel better for having achieved something you put effort into.

This is excellent advice. For mundane tasks I tend to make a game of it in my head. Like, if I was mopping, I might draw shapes with the wet mop. Smiley Very Happy

Re: First Job

Thanks for the advice. It is still much appreciated. 
VERY UNFORTUNATELY, I lost my job the very next day. 
The boss didn't think my work was up to standard at all. 
But as another very interesting turn of events, I have a job interview at my local bingo center for a bingo caller job. 

Re: First Job

Hey Jake Smiley Happy 


That sounds like an awesome example of "One door closes and another door opens"

Best of luck at the interview and let us know how you go. 


Dont give up Smiley Happy 

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Re: First Job

It really breathes new life into the concept doesn't it!? 
Thank you so much! 
I will for sure!


Smiley Very Happy

Re: First Job

i've always loved looking at work as an opportunity to learn, see and do new things
my first job wouldve been about a year after i finished high school at a clothing retail store as a christmas casual.
it really did get me outta my comfort zone which was really good in retrospect even though at the time i hated it lol

i like soph's post about the law stuff
that's always so confusing
cause it's like there are so many different award packages and stuff it's confusing as