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Re: First Job

How have your job perusing went? Did you end up trying out the maths tutoring?

Re: First Job

@Doris Maths tutoring didn't work out... One client got angry when I had to cancel due to being sick, and another stopped replying to my emails/phone calls. Silly people Smiley Tongue


The good news is I'm about to start a volunteering role (training is next week) which in hindsight is probably actually much better for me. Less pressure and more rewarding Smiley Very Happy

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Re: First Job

I LOVE volunteering! All of the three jobs I've had since I was 20 came about from volunteering... and people say it is a waste of time, but if you put in the effort you can get amazing returns, like great skills, training or a job!

What kind of work will you be doing in your new vollie position @lokifish ?

Re: First Job

Hey lokifish

No worries the maths didn't work out. The main thing is you gave it a try and knew it wasn't really for you.

Volunteering is awesome. Let us know how training went.

Anyone got a job experience to share?


Re: First Job

Cheers for the job , KFC is a great place to work.And at your age ,its time to enjoy what ever you do.Smiley Happy