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Five qualities you love about yourself

List five or my qualities you love about yourself. Your qualities can be related to your abilities, personality characteristics and physical looks. Smiley Happy


1. Creative- I'm a talented writer

2. Funny- I can be funny when I'm in the mood

3. Intelligent

4. Kind hearted- I love making people happy. I'm empathetic and caring. 

5. Innocent- or at least I like to consider myself innocent. Smiley Tongue

Re: Five qualities you love about yourself

This is awesome positive self  talk Smiley Happy 

1. I am intelligent and a critical thinker 

2. I am funny and love to make people happy 

3. I am caring and empathetic to people and what they go through 

4. I love my smile and laugh

5. I think my nails are beautiful 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Five qualities you love about yourself

Come on guys! This type of stuff is really good practice, train your brain to love yourself and watch your confidence and self esteem grow!
1. I love my new blonde streaks
2. I love that I can sing
3. I love my tattoos
4. I love that I can make people laugh
5. I love my critical mind!

Now it's your turn dudes!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Five qualities you love about yourself

Great post, @Creativegirl12 ! Smiley Happy


  1. Outspoken - I'd like to say that I stand up for what I believe in and help those that feel like they can't. 
  2. Curious - I love discovering and trying new things in the world around us Smiley Very Happy
  3. Generous - Spending time helping others out is one of the many things I'm passionate about. 
  4. My humour Smiley Tongue
  5. My eyes
Stay excellent

Re: Five qualities you love about yourself

@Creativegirl12 Love the post, it's very refreshing and it is such an important aspect of life to remember the positive qualities you have. We tend to forget to count our blessings which really is unfortunate hopefully after this we can encourage eachother to embrace our abilities. 


My top 5;

1.Resilence, strength

2.Kind hearted and helpful

3.Hard worker



Re: Five qualities you love about yourself

1. Hard working 

2. Very loving- although i have been told i can be "overly lovey dovey" - but i dont mind!

3. Positive 

4. Honest

5. Committed 

Re: Five qualities you love about yourself

@Creativegirl12 Awesome idea for a thead!

1. My eyes, they are sometimes bright vibrant blue, other times grey Smiley Happy
2. My hair, it tends to curl when rain is coming and looks awesome! Smiley Very Happy
3. My resilience, even though I'm still building it, I'm discovering I CAN get through tough times without panicking!
4. My sense of humor
5. My willingness to give anything a shot (Just like this! Smiley Very Happy )

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Five qualities you love about yourself

Well I've been eyeing this thread for a little while wondering if I should post, so here goes!


1. My persistence and tenacity.

2. My organisational skills.

3. I like that I always try to be kind, caring and thoughtful towards others.

4. That I love helping people.

5. That I'm creative.


I think that might have been more than five, but since it was an exercise in boosting my self-esteem I don't care! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Five qualities you love about yourself

This is really hard, but I know it's definitely a good thing so deep breath:


1. I like that when I smile other people do.

2. Being able to push myself to do well.

3. Being fairly good at basketball.

4. Making people happy.

5. Thinking about and helping others.

Re: Five qualities you love about yourself

Epic thread, man. Wins ALL the awards!


1. Creative: sewing, painting, drawing, playing 3 different instruments, cooking... Many things, I'm pretty lucky.

2. I'm a naturally forgiving, caring person. I find it easy to make friends and get along with people I work with.

3. Passionate and dedicated to the things I love!

4. I give epic hugs (let's be honest, now)

5. My ability to make most situations enjoyable and fun!