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Re: Fun Things to Do When You're Bored

I can imagine @Jess1-RO!

It's why I love doing arts and crafts, and colouring in because there's something so soothing and relaxing about seeing colour gradually fill in blank spaces. 


I've been super busy this week actually! Uni has been really stressful Smiley Sad but I always manage to give myself free time once during the day and then just relax and wind down after dinner. My boyfriend wanted me to play this game called Stardew Valley which is basically like a game where you build a life on a farm and there are storylines with people in the village that you can develop by building friendships etc. hahaha. It's actually very relaxing and the music helps too. Apparently the game creator made it with the purpose of like getting 'out of the city' and busy life- something I think we all need sometimes!


Other than that, I've just been watching Brooklyn 99 and going on walks. How about you?