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Funny Jokes to make your day!

Hey all.

Here are some funny jokes that I think will make your day.


Feel free to add any of your own too!


I'll start off...

What do call a hen who counts her eggs?









A mathemachicken!


Re: Funny Jokes to make your day!

hahaha... found another one!

What did the Jedi cross the road?

To get to the DARK SIDE... lol

Re: Funny Jokes to make your day!

I have a funny Easter joke that always makes me laugh Smiley Happy

What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbits hole?

A hot, cross, bunny! 

Get's me every time and I probably tell it way to much around Easter but it's hilarious!


Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: Funny Jokes to make your day!


That's a good one @ErinsAntics! I told my mum, and she just laughed her head off. That was a really good one!

Re: Funny Jokes to make your day!

Ha... I told this one to my Humanities teacher... She was like
"How did I not get that one????!!!!"