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Funny stories

I really love telling funny stories especially about some of the stupid stuff I did when I was younger. I used to get real down and think I didn’t have any happy memories from when I was a kid but now I look back and I can think of some that really make me laugh, even if they were the opposite to funny at the time. 

So, I decided to make a thread for it! Make sure you stay in the guidelines but keep indentifying information to yourself!!

i’ll start with one of mine in comments.... 

Re: Funny stories

When I was younger I lived in care with who I now call my mentors. They worked really hard to pull me into line because I was a real defiant little shit, lol. Anyway, I was about 15 and I thought, you know I can make a heap of people laugh and make some friends if I do something really funny. So, with an audience, I stood on a dirt mound near the fenceline and piffed this massive rock through a neighbouring houses window. I thought it was hilarious, until the lady came out of her house. I made a run for it, i was scared shitless, kept running, made it all the way home, I’m talking a few kms here, got home, by that stage I had been dobbed, of course that was going to happen, duh you idiot, and my carers were ready waiting for me at home. They made me lead them up to the scene of the crime, exactly where it happened, and I had to go around to the ladies house and apologise, and it also involved me paying for the damage I caused. To make it even more embarrassing all the kids I did this “hilarious” stunt in front of all saw me getting marched back into the school, with the principal waiting for us at the gate, through the classroom window. I never deliberately threw a rock at a window ever again,  well, not there anyway.

Re: Funny stories

Great thread @saltwaterdreamtime! It's awesome that we can look back in hindsight and realise just how much fun we had Smiley Happy


I think my favourite memory is probably putting on recitals for my parents, being an only child they had to sit and endure hours of me singing into one of those cheap kids microphones. I had costume changes and intermissions, the whole show. I can only imagine being my poor parents and having to endure a 5 year old screaming songs she didn't even know all the words too Smiley LOL


I also have fond memories of sliding down the gutters during wet season when light flooding would occur (definitely more conscious of how dangerous this can be now) but at the time a free ride down the street in the current was the best. Plus my cousins and and I used to race which always ended in someone crying because they lost the race. 


Re: Funny stories

@lennycat2017 as someone with a heap of little siblings I feel like I have had my fair share of sitting through singing and dance “performances” hahaha

Re: Funny stories

@Saltwaterdreamtimethat's a mood!


My little sister use to tell really long "stories" at the dinner table - they didn't really have a plot or anything, and got very boring very quickly, but one time when she was about three years old, my older sister decided to record one.


There were 6 of us at the dinner table; my mam, my dad, two of my sisters and one of my brothers.


What we hadn't remembered when we reheard the recording of the "story" was that my then 16 year old brother was there, and then we were listening to the story and we get to the end and then he goes, in typical grumpy teenager style "is that it? It's not a very good story is it?" and then a five second pause and then "it's bullshit".


I lost it listening back, it was so funny.

Re: Funny stories

I LOVE this idea @Saltwaterdreamtime and how it can prompt us to remember good times.

When my brother was younger, maybe 3 or 4, he had this habit of going around the dinner table and asking everyone what their name was.

He also used to think that he was a girl in a past life who played the guitar! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Funny stories

@letitgo  that’s so funny. My mentors grandkids call me uncle j and once we were all at a restaurant for lunch and the 4 year old said “uncle j is my boyfriend” I was like um, not boyfriend, just friend, please don’t go to kinder and say that.... that’s creepy. 

Re: Funny stories

hahahahaha @Saltwaterdreamtime that funny, but I can see how you wouldn't want a 4 year old saying that at kinder!

I'm trying to think of something hilarious to post that people will laugh at *thinking face** let me come back to this one Smiley Tongue

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Re: Funny stories

@Bee exactly, they would probably get a bit concerned.
Yeah do share, I love hearing funny stories haha

Re: Funny stories

indeed @Saltwaterdreamtime  Smiley Tongue

The only thing remotely funny I can think of is something that happened at work within my first couple weeks (I started this job 3 weeks ago)
So every day I finished and the door to the warehouse was open so I could just walk through it and out the back door to the staff carpark. Anyway one day the door was closed and I tried for about 10mins to open it and it wouldn't open! I tried both pushing and pulling but it was like it was jammed (Or locked as I think about it now haha) So I decided to walk into the shop and see if anyone was around. And I ran into a colleague and he asked me what was up (the store had closed so only staff finishing up were around). I proceeded to tell him how the back door wouldn't open.
"which one? The backdoor to get outside or the one to get into the warehouse?".
'The one into the warehouse'
"Hmm that's strange, let me have a look"
So we walked back to the door and he put his security tag onto the swipe thing and IT UNLOCKED AND HE OPENED IT. I stood there half laughing at myself and half embarrassed. "awwww" I said as if the light bulb had just clicked on "I didn't see the security thing on the wall"
My colleague didn't really say anything and left me to it. Although I felt a bit silly I laughed at myself as I walked back to my car. My Security pass still on the lanyard around my neck. Smiley LOL

I mean it makes total sense that the door would lock when closed and you'd need a pass to get through, yet my brain did not comprehend that at the time Smiley LOL

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart