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Re: Funny stories

Hahaha I’m always doing weird stuff like that @Bee it’s so embarrassing
it’s like god why doesn’t my brain just WORK haha

Re: Funny stories

I’ve got one I just remembered, it makes me crack up every time. 

I went out with mates one time, supposed to just a few drinks but you know how it is, anyway, somehow got seperated from my friends, it was probably about 2am, I was like I really feel like a hamburger. Keep in mind I was pretty past it. So I went to the 24 hr hamburger place, I ordered my burger, went outside and thought what the hell am I doing on this street??? I’m calling a taxi home, where’s the number for a taxi, ahh right there on that (hamburger shop) window. 

I kept trying to call this number wondering why I keep reaching the hamburger shop. I was so confused. 

“Can I get a taxi to ____”

”sorry you’ve called the ‘hamburger shop’”


”hi I tried calling you before can I get a taxi please” 

“this is not the taxi network it’s the hamburger shop” 

“wtf, cya” 


such an idiot 



Re: Funny stories

@Saltwaterdreamtime  did you get your hamburger though!!

Re: Funny stories

No I never got it because I started walking home before it was ready Smiley Sad @lennycat2017

Re: Funny stories

@Saltwaterdreamtime Smiley Sad lets have a moment of silence for the forgotten hamburger Heart

Re: Funny stories

That will teach me for drunk ordering hamburgers ☹️

Re: Funny stories

@Saltwaterdreamtime a snack at 2am is the best thing ever in my opinion. Hopefully next time you remember! 

Re: Funny stories

It wasn’t until the next day (well same day but you know what I mean) until I realised, devastating.
I used to be a big night time snacker especially when I struggled with my sleep, but now once I’m asleep I’m usually out and if I do wake up I don’t even think about food, I guess that’s a good thing.

Re: Funny stories

@Saltwaterdreamtime yes I would of been heart broken. Probably even gone back and asked for it that day as a hang over cure Smiley Tongue


Maybe it's just me but I'm ALWAYS thinking about food. So little time, so much good food to consume! haha. 


I'm about to log off for the night, thanks for sharing your hamburger story! It was great Smiley Happy 


Talk to you soon



Re: Funny stories

This was yesterday when my brother and I went skating in some areas we don’t normally go to. Nobody: 

Nobody: .. 

My brother: help me I’m stuck 

Me: What the hell, get out of that statue 

Him: I can’t 

yep that’s right, my 19 year old brother got stuck IN A STATUE. 

I thought he was joking but he definitely wasn’t. 

A visit from the paramedics the fire brigade and the ses later and we’re all fine. 

What is the lesson here folks? Do not climb into statues.