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Gay Teen Chat

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to start this topic to engage conversation between the gay teenage girls/guys of Australia. Just a little bit about myself. I'm a 15 year old bisexual guy from Sydney wanting to chat.

Have fun chatting!



Re: Gay Teen Chat

Hi @Isaac2554, great idea in making this thread for those who are LGBTIQA+ to chat. Just a reminder to everyone that ReachOut is completely anonymous. We have a few guidelines here that you can read that involve not sharing or seeking out personal details Smiley Happy This includes location, email addresses, phone numbers, full names and any information that makes you identifiable. I had to edit your post to keep within these guidelines @Isaac2554. Happy chatting!

Re: Gay Teen Chat

@Taylor-RO of course! Anonymity is essential on these forums, especially with topics such as this

Re: Gay Teen Chat

Hi @Isaac2554,

Thank you for starting this thread- such a great idea Smiley Happy I am going to flag with our mods and builders to help get the conversation started!

It might be helpful to ask a get-to-know-you question to get this conversation going. What do you think?

Re: Gay Teen Chat

Hi @Isaac2554!

I'm not a teen, but this is a fantastic idea for a thread! Heart

Why don't we start the conversation with: what's some of your favourite movies? I've been meaning to watch some more movies lately (especially with LGBT+ themes -- it's really hard to find some good representation!) so if you have any recommendations please go ahead! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Gay Teen Chat

@Hozzles that's a great idea! One of my favourite movies by far is "Love, Simon". It's amaziiiiiiiinnnnggg!

Re: Gay Teen Chat

@Isaac2554 I haven't actually seen that movie yet (although I really want to) but I think my fav movie would have to be Star Wars:Attack of the Clones (because Natalie Portman is amazingggg). 
I'm Em by the way, I'm gay, 16 and from Brissy.

Re: Gay Teen Chat

Welcome to the forums @WhatALesianPotato! I love your user name, ahah. Smiley Very Happy

@Isaac2554 - That was such a cute movie! I'll probably have to see it again sometime soon because I actually saw it for the first time on in-flight entertainment on a plane Smiley LOL.

Re: Gay Teen Chat

What a great chat! Also not a teen, but I'm going to dive on in anyway. Some of my favourite shows and movies with great LGBTQIA+ representation include:

  • Carmilla (webseries + movie)
  • But I'm a Cheerleader 
  • the Birdcage 
  • Orange is the New Black (not strictly queer, but I love Alex Vause)
  • Killing Eve (Villanelle is currently my biggest fictional crush)
  • Priscilla
  • Wynona Earp (WAYHAUGHT)
  • Rose and Rosie (Youtube)

Very keen to see Disobedience, but I also sense that that will be super sad so I'm working my way up to that one Cat Wink

Re: Gay Teen Chat

@queenP oooh what a great list! I've been meaning to watch pretty much all of those (except I've watched OITNB twice now, haha). I've seen the Pricilla musical and I loved that! I'm pretty sure I follow Rose + Rosie on instagram but then again I follow so many queer women couples that I get them confused all the time Smiley LOLSmiley LOL