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Get Motivated To Study xD

Hi everyone!


Now that my uni semester has started and I am well on the way into starting week 3, assignments, lecture recordings and reading tasks are swamping me on top of work commitments and trying to support myself living out of home. It is HUGE!! I'm juggling work, uni, sport, socialising, cooking, commuting, sleeping, shower, grocery shopping...the list goes on. So sometimes it is hard to find the motivation to study, especially when I get so tired and stressed while also dealing with anxiety. 


But throughout it all - there is one bit of advice I would like to share with you about how I get motivated to study when I'm going through a bit of a slump, procrastinating or just dealing with a tough time. it's nothing magical, and it may not work for you (so feel free to add some of your own personal tips), but it may be worth a try. 


And here it is -------------------->     YOU HAVE TO WANT TO LEARN!


--> Try and remember why you started whatever it is you are doing. whether it be a tafe course, a year 12 subject or uni degree. Whatever it is - you probably picked it because you had an interest in the topic, right? So find that interest and your desire to learn will grow. 


-->You have to find a DESIRE to actually learn what it is you have to study for. I find it A LOT harder to find motivation to study for a subject that I have absolutely no interest in or studying it merely because I have to know it for a test. So study with the intention of learning something new because it is interesting to you and/or you actually WANT to learn it. I find this helps me actively start on a project or reading task because I know it will have a purpose in my life.


--> But what if what I have to study for does not interest me? take it one step at a time. perhaps try and make it a game about how much crappy info you can learn and reward yourself afterwards Smiley Very Happy 


And of course here are some of my favourite quotes:2b6e258c010b6f136e10789e6c732d4b--study-hard-motivation-exam-motivation-quotes














And last...but certainly not least..and this is from one of my favourite movies called Legally Blonde.... I like to watch this movie too and it helps me get motivated Smiley Very Happy 




YOU CAN DO IT Smiley Very Happy  





Re: Get Motivated To Study xD

@mspaceK some great advice - I totally needed this right now to motivate myself! Smiley Happy

Re: Get Motivated To Study xD

This is so great, I'm particularly into the Legally Blonde on Smiley Tongue going to have to save that one for later!

Re: Get Motivated To Study xD

Great advice! I especially love the Harry Potter quotes! Smiley Very Happy

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Get Motivated To Study xD


**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Get Motivated To Study xD

I know its hard to think of before assignments are done, but the satisfaction of completing an assignment is actually such a good feeling! To know you have got an assignment done all by yourself can really make you feel good about yourself Smiley Happy 

Re: Get Motivated To Study xD

Awesome tip @mspaceK Smiley Happy


I also find it useful to break down the tasks/study sessions. Break down your assessment/study into small sections, rather than looking at in full swing, which can get quite overwhelming. Small actions can add up. For example, set achievable goals for your study sessions and once you have achieved that goal reward yourself ! Who doesn't love a reward? 

Smiley Happy




Re: Get Motivated To Study xD

awesome advice @mspaceK! i also think it can be really motivating to write down or just keep in mind the end goal of your studies - like when i was in year twelve it really helped to remind myself of the uni course that I wanted to get into Smiley Happy 

Re: Get Motivated To Study xD

I love this thread! I am a total study nerd and I am super proud to admit it. I just love learning so much! 


My advice for motivation would be the following:

- Don't be so hard on yourself. You are bound to goof up every once in a while, we are all human. I know this week my brain has been super scattered and I ended up driving to the wrong address for my volunteer program and I missed it all together Smiley Tongue But I can laugh about it, so it is not too bad!


Take regular breaks. Studies have shown that studying in shorter blocks is more beneficial then studying for hours without breaks. I like to study in 40-50 minute blocks, and then give myself a 15 minute break before I get right back into it. That works really well for me. 


Use apps. I have apps for everything! Lists, reminders, calendars. My favourite app is called 'Forest'. I plant a tree and it grows for a certain amount of time. If I leave that app page, the tree dies. And obviously I want a beautiful garden (on the app haha!), so it prevents me from doing the sneaky social media check whilst studying. I had to pay for it, but I'll let you know if I find a free version that is equivalent. 


I think I might leave it there because I could go on forever about studying. Maybe next week I can add some more. I am just so passionate about studying, and maybe my enthusiasm can rub off onto all of you haha!


I hope that one day you can walk over the things you used to trip over. YOU HAVE GOT THIS!


Wishing you all the best on with your studying endeavours. 31c022aafb8b3ba9a1340efc7001cc5a--grad-school-quotes-law-school-finals.jpg

Re: Get Motivated To Study xD

Heya Guys, I'm loving this study thread about motivation - I really needed this yesterday! Ohwell I found it now! Smiley Happy

I have a few tips that have helped me


- Before you start study, take some time to get into a positive mental headspace. This will make study much easier for you to concentrate on


- Learn and repeat what works for you! Everyone is different, so something which may work for me, might not work for you.


- Fill your space with positive affirmations / quotes / pictures. My desk has a couple images I drew in pen, also a few photos I've taken over the years. I have a little message from an old work colleague from when she borrowed my till at the supermarket. I have some kitty magnets on my whiteboard in front of me, and have a couple trinkets - ok a display of trinkets on the top ledge of my desk. Smiley Tongue


- Break it down. I think it was said above, but I'm going to share a (hopefully short story for inspo) So I'm studying 2 units of accounting right now. And I've been looking at the unit as a WHOLE! And I was getting really worked up. So I decided to stop being stubborn and follow the study plan. Instead of reading an entire huge textbook. So I read the study plan did the questions it asked for chapter one, and without finishing the chapter and my current knowledge I got them all done and mostly right. My point being, follow your study plan. Break it up into smaller chunks - eg read so many pages and day, read this and then answer these. Get it done by ___date.


& my last one to keep this short and sweet Smiley Happy

- Be comfy. If you aren't comfortable in what you are wearing it can distract your brain, so be comfy yal 


And a couple gifs, because why not. Despite them taking forever to load for me, I know yal love them! Smiley Happy


Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart