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Getting a drivers license.

I have been on my learners for 5 years now, still not confident enough to book a provisional test. Plus it would cost $50 that I don't have.


I'm unable to achieve a level of coordination in order to operate a vehicle, even an automatic.

Have owned 5 different vehicles over the course of my learners and have not felt comfortable in any of them.


Don't get along with my parents enough in order to have them in the car while I'm attempting to drive repeatedly stall and run over bins. There's only one driving instructor in my area and we don't get along either. I have no friends or family that would be willing and or capable of instructing me to drive.


I have been paying for registration and maintenance on a car I can't drive. 

Re: Getting a drivers license.

Hey @WinfieldRed thanks for sharing you experience on RO. I definitely know I wasn't confident going for my license but I think I had built it up in my head so much the actual test wasn't that bad.


I wonder is there anyway you can put your differences with the driving instructor aside? Or is it at a point where that just won't work for you?


And the other thing is, do you really need a car? I know in Australia we all want our license asap but my brother in law is from Britain and he's never felt the need to get a license. It's just not something they do over there unless they really have to.


I'll tag a few more online members to see if they have any other suggestions Smiley Happy @Brendos94 @Nightruner23 @scared01 @Blueeyes @Scarpetta19 

Re: Getting a drivers license.

@WinfieldRed can you get someone to drive you around a bog open place so you can practice 

Re: Getting a drivers license.

Hi @WinfieldRed


I used to have tremendous panic attacks when my parents would teach me to drive. I found that having a friend help me was such a good Help! When i was learning to drive the car made a big difference too, of all things I was most easily learning to drive in a landrover defender! 


For me, having a very boxy car helped so much, when I would change cars I would do things like brush the wheels of the car against the curb, stop when they would be right up close and see where it would curb would line up on the car  bonnet from the drivers seat. I put a bit of tape on the bonnet so I would know when the edge of my car would be getting too close to the curb! This tricked helped me a lot! 


I agree getting to learn the feel of a car is the first step, taking it into sandy place, really quiet industrial area on the weekend ect helps a lot for building confidence. Don't forget to tell your deivi ng instructing /assessor you if you are feeling anxious, most of the time they will do what they can to help you. I also tried different places to take my test (I had to take it 3 times, most people have to take multiples) and found the one a couple of suburbs away I was much more comfortable with! 

Re: Getting a drivers license.



I have done 10 hours with the driving instructor, and he advised me not to pursue a license.

I live in a rural area, so a car is a requirement for a lot of things, there isn't public transport.

As I mentioned in the OP, I don't have anyone to drive around with me.

Re: Getting a drivers license.

Hmmm that's a bit tricky then @WinfieldRed. Have you looked into any driving courses you could attend? Typically, they run over a weekend or a couple of days so it might be more feasible to get to than travelling to see another instructor in another town every week?


Re: Getting a drivers license.

There might be driving courses around 80km away, but I have no means of transportation.

Re: Getting a drivers license.

Do you have workmates or classmates mates that can help you drive @WinfieldRed