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Getting a shedule Going.

Hi everyone, 


I'm lagging behind university awfully slow. I'm starting from scratch right now.


My distractions are rather impulsive and I have been filled doubt in the past 3 years by my immediate family. I'm much better at identifying things that matter to people, learning to not things literally and have been using the mindfulness app. I'm a news ,politics Junkee due to my environment ( my parents give a high priority to this stuff as a child but it gets to a point where you can't predict everything ) and I read a lot of the Betoota Advocate.


I decide University is an important part of life I want to accomplish this but at the same time I do want to adapt to this very different digital world we live by learning about SEO and email marketing and applying it for work both personal life and professionally. I accept I'll have to learn this along the way and proceed slowly. At some point I do see myself being some sort of  freelancer.


I'm here to ask how I can manage my time in the long-term and short term.


What I've done :

  • Get a Calendar
  • Making time for fun( no screen time) 
  • turn off Facebook. 
  • mindfulness

What I need to : 

  • Ways to slow down digital distractions. There's too much ( WhatsApp, Porn, and twitter ) 
  • Short term planning in a 2400 format.
  • Have a realistic amount of work load ( academic ) 
  • Prevent ad-hoc unnecessary task (housework , at least limit)
  • Challenge poor behaviour directed towards me (Passive aggressive tones and respond to verbal outburst)
  • Have excellent Digital Hygene I understand when its out there its out here but how I can reduce the chances of my future employer from digging up old picture of me.    




Re: Getting a shedule Going.

Hi @BunnyWalks


So you're studying at university and want to know how to improve your study and organisational skills, is that correct? I think your current plan sounds great and well thought out, especially that you've included some mental self care into your plan Smiley Very Happy 


I always find short term planning to be an excellent way to be productive. I will usually take time each day to plan the tasks I need to do the next day and cross them off my list as I go. Separating larger tasks into smaller components is also really helpful to me, as it makes me see tasks as more achievable. Is this something you think would work for you? What else could you do to improve your short term planning skills? 


Click here for a link to an article about improving your study technique. If you want, you can also look at the rest of their site for some useful information Smiley Happy

Re: Getting a shedule Going.

Hey libelue,


For short term planning I'd like to get up earlier but I need help in halting whatsapp napalms bombs in family groups, change my relationship with technology, news goes out too.


Right now I'd also like to formalize my commitment with family. Like I'm not interested in counseling my parent broken relationship ( my dad has 2 wives including us I'm too afraid to ask at this point)  or visiting cousins ( I hate it). They all borish and we would not have meaningful discussion.


How do I communicate my boundaries and request they be respected ?


I throw the trash, laundry, dishes , carry groceries , cut my own hair, feed the cat , litter box , store luggage , massage my mum ( shes obese ).


Also Im a person who ignores anger,hurt, neglect ( negative emotions etc) cause I know I'll react on outburst Jim Jeffefries style and will need help in acknowledge these feelings.  I want to learn how to manage these feelings.

Re: Getting a shedule Going.

Hi @BunnyWalks,

I can hear how aware you are of yourself, what is happening around you, and what has a positive vs negative impact on your well being. It's not easy to do, so I really want to recognise how big of a step that is Heart


I'm interested to understand more about what you mean when you say "formalising commitment to your family" and what that looks like for you? 


Boundaries can be a really helpful thing to discuss with a counsellor or other mental health professional who can walk through with you how to both set boundaries and maintain them. What are your thoughts on taking these goals and boundary ideas to a professional?


It takes so much courage to share what is happening for you in your life. I can hear from your posts how much thought you have put into taking steps to improve your overall wellbeing and happiness, and we are here to support you every step of the way Smiley Happy


Re: Getting a shedule Going.

I'm seeing one right now but I like to work on the effectiveness of each session and I don't think the method they use at my current institution does this well.



Re: Getting a shedule Going.

 I want to focus on effectivemess of each session how can be assertive with the counselor.

Re: Getting a shedule Going.

Hi @BunnyWalks

I'm just typing a reply and will respond to this post in your other thread Heart