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Getting my sleep routine back on track

Hey everyone, my sleep routine over the past couple of days has gone right out the window, and its time to get it back on track.


I had a very bad night’s sleep on Saturday night, only managing about 3 hours. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of having a significant nap during the day yesterday after work. I have had a history of poor sleep, but it hasn’t been as bad as still being awake at 6am the next morning for quite a while.


I try to have a soothing cup of tea and do some mindfulness before bed, as well as avoiding screen time for 30 mins. I’m posting this to get some tips, as well as to just have a couple of people accompany me (virtually) on this journey.


Thanks for reading. Heart

Re: Getting my sleep routine back on track

Hi @mrmusic! I'm sorry to hear that your sleep routine isn't solid at the moment, I can understand how tiring and frustrating that must be. Are there any reasons that may have kept you up on Sat night? You're welcome to share anything, we are all here to listen Smiley Happy


It sounds like you are very self-aware, and have some fantastic techniques to help regulate your sleeping patterns again, so I am inspired by you! What I also do before sleeping, if I am having trouble, is putting on some soothing sounds, like waves on a beach, or rainfall. I guess it is part of mindfulness, but if you haven't tried it, definitely a go to tip Smiley Happy 


Hope you'll have a good sleep tonight ❤️

Re: Getting my sleep routine back on track

hey @mrmusic, thanks so much for sharing what's been happening for you. 

I'm sorry to hear about the lack of sleep you're getting, it must not be easy for you. You've said that you have a history of poor sleep - have you seen anyone before?


As @sweet_baking has said, we're all here for you Heart

Re: Getting my sleep routine back on track

Hey @mrmusic, we're all definitely here to support you through this.


As for tips, sometimes I listen to a playlist of soothing music while I'm lying in bed, and that helps me fall asleep. Are you able to get into bed at around the same time every night, so your body starts to understand that 10pm (for example), is bed time?


You're being really proactive about this already, which is great!

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Getting my sleep routine back on track

Hi @mrmusic I'm sorry that you've been having trouble sleeping lately. It can be so frustrating not getting enough sleep.
One thing that I try to always do is stick to the routine. I also use a sleep-time app (mine's called Sleep Bot) to kinda track my sleep although now it's become a part of the routine which can be helpful Smiley Happy

Re: Getting my sleep routine back on track

Hey everyone, thanks for your responses. Smiley Happy


@sweet_baking  I don't really know, it was nothing out of the ordinary. The main issue on Sunday was that I went back to bed in the afternoon, hence why I didn't get much sleep last night at all. I ended up getting about 3 hours sleep this morning, lucky I didn't have to work today, although I do tomorrow, so hopefully my sleep is much better tonight!


@honky  This is one of the issues that I have been getting help with my psychiatrist. I remember when my medication dose was increased in hospital, I had a lot of trouble sleeping, and so it was cut down again. It was increased again about 4-5 months ago, and I haven't noticed any adverse sleeping effects since then. I am on medication designed to help me relax though, and its effectiveness seems to be variable. So, I don't know.


@letitgo  Your idea of soothing music sounds good, and I remember falling asleep to it in the past, I will need to get another pair of headphones however, as my current pair are very good soundwise, but very noticeable in my ear, and it is very difficult to get sleep. They are just the ones that came with my phone.


@N1ghtW1ng  I always try and stick to my routine, although I might have to actually begin to keep a closer track of how well I'm doing now. I think the idea of the app could be good so it can give some sort of timeline which I can then use to help me with more insights.


Thanks everyone! Smiley Happy


Re: Getting my sleep routine back on track

Hey @mrmusic, checking in to see how you've been. Have you been able to have some good rest?

Re: Getting my sleep routine back on track

Hi @mrmusic! Hope your sleeping has been able to improve a bit since we last talked Smiley Happy

I can relate to how afternoon naps can sometimes change our sleeping patterns, so do you feel things have gotten better since Sunday and you've been able to return to routine?

Re: Getting my sleep routine back on track

Hi @honky, don't know if I would call it 'good' rest, but certainly better than before. Much more manageable.


@sweet_baking  returning to my routine has been really hard, but I think I'm almost there. Uni was so difficult on Wednesday.

Re: Getting my sleep routine back on track

Glad to hear you are returning to your routine @mrmusic, that is always difficult so congrats! What an amazing achievement.

What happened at uni?

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