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Ages ago I wrote out a heap of my long term and short term goals. I can't find the post anymore but I also thought that maybe its time for some new ones and anyone who replied to that post might also have new goals.


 Short Term

1. Be able to ride my bike 5kms by August. I only just learnt how to ride a bike and I've gone as far as my local shops and back, and sometimes just around the block and stuff but I think if I put my mind to it I can do it.




2. Stay self harm free for 1 whole year - September.


3. Stay on top of my trade school work by setting aside time each week to get it done and regularly seeing my tutor. I'm hoping that by next holidays I am all caught up and would have created a study plan.


4. Continue with my sleeping pattern but have it so down pat that it is no longer a pattern and just the norm for me, I'm hoping to have this all figured out in a couple of months. 


Long Term 

  1. Become a qualified tradesperson in my industry, this should happen within the next two years if I continue to work hard.

2. Remain self harm free


3. Support my siblings in more ongoing way and be involved in their lives so much more than I am now, this has to be a long term goal because there are so many factors involved. I'm hoping that within the next two - three years I am a pretty big part of their lives.


4. Gain the skills, knowledge and self awareness that i need to no longer see my counsellor as regularly as I am.



 I might add more as time goes on but for 2016 and beyond these are my goals. 


I'm super interested to hear everybody elses Smiley Very Happy


ps. The gif just came up and I had to add it in Smiley Tongue

//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Goals

@j95 it's really funny because the wheels on that bike are the same as the ones on my bike. So I totally thought it was a raptor riding my bike for a second there.


Hmm goals.


Okay, here's mine!


Short term:

1. Keep up the whole being healthy thing.

  • Ride my bike to work and back every day that it's not raining too much.
  • Keep doing the 7 minute workout every day or something like it if I get bored.
  • Cut back on the not so good things like beer, coffee and fried everything Smiley Tongue

2.Learning stuff:

  • Finish my Certificate IV in training and assessment.
  • Think about whether or not I want to do another degree and become even nerdier.
  • Learn Ableton properly and make a tune or two.

3. Travel:

  • Save money (rather than buying fancy speakers and nice bikes)
  • Sort out your passport
  • Book flights!

4. Mental Health

  • Practice mindfulness and yoga  because it makes you heaps chill.
  • Clinical supervision every month so that i keep offering the best possible support to the awesome people on the RO forums.
  • Stay connected to family and friends.


Long term (like in the next 5 years):

1. Build an online community for parents who are carers for people living with intellectual disabilty.

2. Decide if i want to do my masters of Psychology.

3. Keep being healthy, take good care of your body and brain (you don't get a spare you know!)


Looking forward to seeing everyone elses!


Re: Goals

@j95 those goals seem awesome!

@Ben-RO I love how you've said "so i can become even nerdier"


I haven't really thought about my goals for a long time, but here I go!


Short term:


  • Finish school
  • Continue volunteering at the special needs school Ive been helping out at.
  • Studying wise: Continue to keep improving in my school marks (yall will be happy to know I'm really getting there), keep asking for help if needed, and continue to do my best. 
  • Piano: continue learning new songs, complete AMEB exam 
  • Health (this is the most important and most difficult): work on my anxiety with my psychologist and continue to work through strategies to overcome difficulties at home, hopefully try and see my psychologist a little less (like in the next year so more a mid term goal-if that's a thing). 

Long term: 

  • Continue to maintain my no-self-harm-streak (@j95 - you and I have got this)
  • Go to uni (either nursing or special ed teaching)
  • Get a job and eventually move out 
  • Eventually wean out of some of my meds (this realy depends on how I'm going)

Re: Goals

Those sound like great goals everyone Smiley Happy  Thanks for making this thread @j95!


Mine are a work in progress, but so far I've got:

  • Be able to confidently/safely ride my bike to/from work when we switch locations.
  • Learn to guide 'problem solving' activities at work (since I took a training course for it).
  • Assemble a little kit robot.

Re: Goals

Oh geeze, I have way too many goals (i think of goals as a to do list) >____<
so lets go with a few.

Short term:
Finish up my study
Finish restoring my bike
Make a smokkr
Set up the forge
Make sure the quail are laying and happy
Make my psychologist appointment - and actually go to it

Finish my art entries for the comps before they are due

Start going to the gym again

Medium term:
Save an emergency fund 
Get my Drivers Liscence
Start winning Art comps
Get a job in my ideal field
Start up a small side business selling art/crafts
Be consistantly training twice a week as well as keeping up with the gym


Long term:
Buy a house
Get knighted
Get my dream job
Get my own art studio and be a featured artist in a gallery 
Be asked to teach art classes/Get an artist residency 

Re: Goals

Woo so many goals! Sending positive achievement vibes to everyone on this thread!!


Here are my goals for this year at least:

  • Finish a story I started writing in highschool
  • Relearn some languages (Sinhalese and French) and start learning at least one new language.
  • Decide whether or not I want to extend my year out of study
  • Figure out whether to go into research or counselling-oriented psychology (or how to do both because por que no los dos?)
  • Keep up with hobbies I didn't really have time for the past few years (namely writing and drag)
  • Keep up with my workouts and learn how to cook beyond rice and pasta

Re: Goals

One of my big goals would be eventually but gradually come off my medication
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Goals

Ok so I have new current goal and that would be to make it back to work on Monday, maybe starting off with trade school this Friday for half of the day.
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//