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Good things about having a mental illness.

For so long I have focussed on the negatives of having anxiety, but I've come to realisation that there are actually good things about having anxiety. Sure my anxiety causes me to hide at times and stay in my comfort zone but it makes achieving things out of my comfort zone that much sweeter and has a much bigger impact on me as I have proven my anxiety wrong. Yes having anxiety causes me to obsess over things and freak out about assignments, but because of it I am so organised and always get assignments in early, I always arrive early to events due to being terrified of being late and I have learnt how to manage my time really well to keep stress to a minimum. When I was younger I started to write myself notes at night as I was terrified I would forget something and even now as an adult I still write those notes (because of that I have quite a collection of post it notes on my bedside table ready to be written on) as it keeps me on track and focussed. 

While I really don't like having anxiety, I have to admit that there are some good things about having it. 

Does anyone else have any good points about having their mental illness? 

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: Good things about having a mental illness.

awesome points! @ErinsAntics
i cant think of much but i can say that it has helped me to build up my resilience and also my empahy and understanding towards others.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Good things about having a mental illness.

Hi @ErinsAntics! I think this is a great thread. Thinking of the positives is a good coping strategy. I'm glad that you can think of good things about your anxiety.

Going through trauma and depression helped me to see how resilient and capable I am and taught me not to be so hard on myself. It also taught me how to stand up for myself and get a second opinion regarding my treatment, which ended up being beneficial. My experiences influenced my life choices for the better, enabled me to help others and made me the person I am today. Of course it's not all fun and games and I know that I will always have issues but I think I have learned good coping strategies to manage my symptoms.


Re: Good things about having a mental illness.

I have learnt new things that I can use to help others, like my brother for example. 

Big selling point for me not giving up on getting support was 

“even if you come away 10 times worse (which you wont) you’ll know what the experience was like so you can support others, and you will keep learning so you can share that knowledge” and it’s a bit more, I don’t know - genuine? when it’s lived experience.


So now I know heaps about anxiety and trauma stuff and things like that. I think that’s a good thing.