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Good waffle recipe?

can anyone share a quick and easy waffle recipe? 


Re: Good waffle recipe?

You might have more luck on a cooking forum, or just on yumly or something.

Not sure how many Aussies make waffles Smiley Tongue


Re: Good waffle recipe?

This is certainly a unique thread @mally124 Smiley Tongue


I can't say I've tried it myself but this seems to be a popular recipe (over 2000 reviews). Like @Bay52VU said though you might have a bit more luck on a cooking forum.


For anyone reading, what toppings do you like to put on waffles/pancakes? Are you a traditional maple syrup person or do you prefer savoury delights? There's so many delicious choices these days it's hard to keep up with them all!



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Re: Good waffle recipe?

OMG my kind of thread this one!


I have a waffle maker and my partner and I love making Double Chocolate Chip waffles. I don't have the recipe anymore, but if I find it, i'll post it here!


Toppings you say @lokifish? Nutella, Strawberries & Chocolate Ice Magic. Yes we are chocolate addicts!